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  • 4,95 € In Stock

    The Espargueira Selection is a blend of the best grape varieties of the year. Elegant and intense, it embodies the character of region's typical grape varieties. Intense aroma of red and black forest fruits, harmoniously combined with floral and toasted notes.

    4,95 €
  • 5,95 € In Stock

    This wine is produced with Aragonês, Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet grape varieties, it is aged only in stainless steel vats to preserve all the natural freshness of its original grapes. Deep color, fine and fruity aroma, with notes of wild berries and slightly floral notes. The palate is juicy with a well integrated acidity and silky tannins.

    5,95 €
  • 6,90 € In Stock

    It presents an intense ruby color, red fruit aromas and some toasted notes. In the mouth it is voluminous, rich in aromas, with round tannins and a very balanced acidity that gives it freshness and persistence.

    6,90 €
  • 6,95 € In Stock

    Red wine produced with the varieties Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, and Trincadeira, vinified separately in stainless steel vats with temperature control, it has a ruby colour, with an aroma of forest fruits and red cherry. In the mouth, it is soft, fresh and alive. Persistent and elegant finishes.

    6,95 €
  • 7,50 € In Stock

    Wind element: CIRCII - Latin for northwest windThe producer chose CIRCII for this wines because are fresh and smooth like a breeze.Wine with a ruby color, good aromatic intensity to ripe fruits and light spices. In the mouth it is complex, round and elegant, with robust tannins and intense and persistent finish.

    7,50 €
  • 7,60 € In Stock

    This wine is produced with the varieties Alicante Bouschet, Alfrocheiro, Touriga Nacional and Petit Verdot, in Herdade da Anta de Cima located in the Serra de Montargil, Alto Alentejo region. Young and fresh profile with excellent expression of red fruit, clean nose. Good tannins, fine and elegant with a persistent aftertaste, fresh and somewhat mineral....

    7,60 €
  • 9,50 € In Stock

    Our inspiration here came from one of our properties which is on the shores of the great Alqueva Lake, for this red wine we use old Moreto Preto grapes together with Alicante Bouschet and Touriga Nacional. A part of the batch is aged in stainless steel tanks, and the other part in French and American oak casks during six months, presents an intense ruby...

    9,50 €
  • 9,50 € In Stock

    This wine produced at Quinta da Pigarça, a family-run winery located in Cuba, in the Alentejo, with Aragonez, Alicante Bouchet and Syrah, is a typical Alentejo wine; in the aroma, it has notes of very ripe fruit, in the mouth, it is fine, velvety and full-bodied.

    9,50 €
  • 9,90 € In Stock

    Light and appealing ruby red colour. With no barrel ageing, Pinot Noir’s typical fruity flavours, as strawberries and cherries, become more expressive. The aroma shows a very balanced vegetable character with hints of cigars box. The palate is vibrant yet very elegant and smooth.

    9,90 €
  • 9,90 € In Stock

    It presents a ruby violet color, intense, fruity nose with hints of ripe cherry and some minty notes. In the mouth, it is smooth, round and with good freshness, round tannins and a long aftertaste.

    9,90 €
  • 11,00 € In Stock

    This wine has a very concentrated colour, rich aromas, with ripe fruit, notes of dark chocolate and spices. It reveals a good presence in the palate, with fine tannins, combining elegance and strength.

    11,00 €
  • 11,50 € In Stock

    Fire element: INCENDI -Latin for burntThe producer chose INCENDI for our oak aged Reserve wines because they show notes of the toasted French oak barrels where this wine ages.This wine have a very pronounced color, good aromatic concentration with ripe black fruits and spices. Intense flavour, soft and elegant, with robust tannins and great final...

    11,50 €
  • 11,80 € In Stock

    Rosa D'Argilla is a Claret of the Alicante Bouschet variety, produced in Herdade da Anta de Cima located in the Montargil Mountains, Alto Alentejo region. This Claret has a mineral impact nose with notes of woods, strawberry, wild fruit and fresh grass. Mouth with structure and very fresh acidity, where dominate the herbal notes, wild and a subtle touch...

    11,80 €
  • 11,90 € In Stock

    Red wine produced with Touriga Nacional, fermented in stainless steel vats with temperature control, and aging in French oak barrels. It has a dense and bright ruby colour, with an aroma of red and wild fruits, with aromatic notes that reveal the barrel aging. In the mouth, it has a good structure, balance, freshness, with a long and vibrant finish.

    11,90 €
  • 12,50 € In Stock

    Intense violet color, aroma of wild fruit and chocolate, in the mouth it is intense with complexity and elegance, with a long and harmonious finish.

    12,50 €
  • 12,50 € In Stock

    This Liberalitas Red is produced with Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional and Syrah. It has a beautiful deep garnet colour and an intense bouquet of red fruits. Quite fresh and velvety in the mouth.

    12,50 €
  • 12,50 € In Stock

    It presents an intense deep red and slight purple color. With a complex aroma of ripe red berry fruit, spices and oak toasty notes. In the palate it has a good volume and concentration in the mouth with firm and soft tannins. It finishes long and fresh with a strong presence of fruit.

    12,50 €
  • 12,70 € In Stock

    Arundel Tradition is the continuation of the homage of the producer to his ancestor Guilherme Arnao, descendant of the Earl of Arundel, who came from England to accompany the princess D. Filipa de Lencastre, staying in Portugal as her vedor and butomo mor. He later accompanied D. Pedro, eventually dying with him at the battle of Alfarrobeira. From it...

    12,70 €
  • 12,90 € In Stock

    Earth element: DELUTO - Latin for clayDELUTO was the name chosed for the Talha wines because it is made in giant clay doliums in the traditional method that the Romans brought to Alentejo thousands of years ago.This wine have a very pronounced color, good aromatic concentration with notes of chocolate and spices. It presents intense flavor, with good...

    12,90 €
  • 14,90 € In Stock

    Claret red wine produced with white grapes and reds from 3 centuries-old vines (about 14 grape varieties), located between 500 and 710 meters in altitude in the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park. It had natural fermentation in a cement vat, red grapes were crushed and destemmed. 5-week maceration and 9-month ageing in old oak barrels (225 litres). It is a...

    14,90 €
  • 15,30 € In Stock

    It has a light red color, with brownish nuances. On the nose, notes of spices. like pepper and cloves, clay aroma and good acidity. It denotes ripe fruit, albeit very fresh. A wine with some rusticity, but at the same time soft, fine and with some tannin. Expressive, but never exaggerated, with a persistent and seductive finish.

    15,30 €
  • 15,90 € Out of stock

    The second year, confirmation that we are facing a distinct terroir, an Alentejo that separates itself from its assumed identity to reveal itself in a fresh and surprising reality. Red wine With elegant maturation without an excess of extraction, always with a balsamic bottom that elevates this blend, with a medium body to a very elegant and unusual level...

    15,90 €
  • 15,90 € In Stock

    Produced with Syrah grapes harvested in the vineyard of Herdade Vale d´Évora, this is a red wine that feels the terroir of Mértola. It is full, warm, classic and yet fresh, from the varietal side of the grape. Partially aged in French oak barrels, it has a deep color, rich nose, with notes of pepper and black plum. In the mouth it is full, long and smooth.

    15,90 €
  • 16,90 € In Stock

    Portuguese grape varieties Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Miúda (Graciano), in a Sustainable Production system. Manual harvesting and treading on foot in small mills of pink marble from Estremoz, aging for 12 months in French oak barrels. Very aromatic wine, with notes of red fruits (pomegranate) and wild mushroom. On the palate,...

    16,90 €
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