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    Produced with a careful selection and control of maturation of white grapes from different plots of typical Douro, with predominance of the Gouveio, Viosinho and Cercial, it has a light yellow color with greenish lavas. In the nose, it has a well-married tropical scent with some citrus notes. In the mouth it is harmonious and fresh.

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    With a citrus colour, the aromas are fresh fruits, citrus and tropical fruit. Minerality notes, good acidity and persistence. This blend, produced with Folgazão, Viosinho and Old Vineyards, has an incredible, slightly creamy structure, extremely balance and a fantastic and persistent natural acidity. The grapes from old vineyards gives the dried fruits...

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    This wine is made in honor to the producer’s mother, the bottles being adorned with an illustration of the sculptor João Cutileiro. It was made from a careful selection of traditional Douro grapes, Viosinho, Rabigato and Códega de Larinho.It has an intense aroma, matching with citrus fruit and floral flavor. It is a lively dry wine with well-balanced...

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    This white wine produced with Galego Moscatel grape, presents a typical bright color, an intense aroma of moscatel fruit. Fresh taste, round and very smooth, harmonious and well structured.

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  • 7,90 € In Stock

    This wine has was produced with the native grape varieties Rabigato, Viosinho, Gouveio and a mixture of white grape varieties from old vineyards, typical of the Douro, which give it great freshness and elegance. Citrine colored, clear and shiny. Aroma fruity, rich and intense and very fresh, with a persistent and elegant finish.

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  • 7,90 € In Stock

    Produced with Viosinho, Rabigato and Gouveio varieties, from the best plots of the Quinta do Olmo, planted on schist soil at 550 meters altitude in Mêda at the Douro Superior. This wine has a distinctive deep yellow color. The nose is intense with aromas of ripe fruit, grapefruit and a minerality typical of this Douro blend. On the palate the wine has...

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    This wine is produced with the typical grape varieties of the Douro Region, Viosinho, Rabigato and Códega de Larinho. It has a light citrus color and clear appearance, very fresh and fruity aroma, in the mouth presents a attractive minerality, prevailing the freshness sustained by a good natural acidity.

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    Produced with Viosinho, Malvasia Fina, Gouveio e Fernão Pires, it's a very elegant and sophisticated wine with an unique personality. Rich in citrus flavours and with an exciting freshness, presents an intense minerality that expresses the "terroir" of the amazing Douro Valley.

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    Wine produced with grape varieties Viosinho, Códega do Larinho and Gouveio, has citrus color, bright with expressive aromas of tropical fruits to remember passion fruit in perfect harmony with soft floral notes. It starts in the mouth-proof in a captivating way, evolving to a balanced wine, of volume and medium structure, very well integrated with...

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  • 9,90 € In Stock

    The producer has always wanted to demonstrate the potential of the traditional white varieties of the Douro. Presenting this monovarietal coming from a small vineyard of Gouveio, to show the result of this so singular and representative grape variety from Douro and its terroir. A wine with a serious and exuberant profile, with a minerality that only the...

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    Produced with Viosinho, Rabigato and Gouveio varieties, from the best plots of the Quinta do Olmo, planted on schist soil at 550 meters altitude in Mêda at the Douro Superior. This wine has a distinctive deep yellow color. In the nose it presents an intense crystalline aroma and great aromatic complexity, typical of this Douro blend. On the palate the...

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    Pormenor Branco 2015 was produced with a blend of several typical grapes from Douro Region. Mainly Rabigato, Malvasia Fina and Códega do Larinho.2015 was a good year for whites. Grapes from very old vines planted in altitude between 500 and 600 meters, in Carrazeda de Ansiães - Douro Superior. Light and clear color. Fresh aromas and discreet fruit with...

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    Wine produced with Gouveio, Rabigato and Viosinho grapes harvested at Quinta de Penalva. It has bright citrus color with slight straw reflections. Attractive aroma with great intensity and complexity recalling tropical and white fruits, well integrated ripe with soft vanilla note. Light mineral notes give mellow set. Unctuous attack on the palate, with...

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    "I just found the perfect vineyard", a simple call from Joana to Rui and Somnium was born. The experience of two winemakers embodied a nectar made from the richness of the grape varieties and terrois of Porrais, Douro.For now, only one thousand eight hundred lucky buyers will have the pleasure to taste it. More will follow...

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    This white wine is a distinct wine, produced with grapes from Old Vines over 80 years old, having been vinified as a red wine. It presents a golden color resulting from the fermentation with the skins, in the nose the aromas are more reductive with mineral notes of gunpowder and wet stone conjugated with aromas of stone fruits, citrus, white flowers,...

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