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    This Aged Pomace Brandy is produced at Adega Cooperativa da Vidigueira, was obtained from distillation in copper vases of the best red marc immediately after pressing. A long stage in oak wood casks gives it a light brown color, as well as an intense and soft flavor that involves the characteristic taste of a genuine and well-scented bagasse spirit.

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    Distilled from the grape varieties from the property, this brandy rested 12 months in stainless steel vats. In the distillation process a 500l still was used, in a water bath, heated with wood as tradition dictates. Unique distillation with refining lentils.In the mouth it is smooth and delicate, with a consistent fruity, slightly smoked and very long...

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    It is in the choice of water and botanicals that the Gin do Monte da Bica recipe is based.The juniper from Macedonia, the coriander from Ukraine, the cinnamon from Sri-Lanka and the search for a balance between the bitterness and the sweetness of citruses, form the principle of Bica Gin and prove the exploration of the different origins and flavors of...

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    The wine of the Harvest of 1965, was distilled at the end of 1965. The ageing began in the spring of 1966. 37 years of ageing in French oak barrels Limousin and a small amount in Portuguese oak barrels crowded with Port wine.Has a Intense amber color and limpid appearance. Rich intense and complex aroma, with clearly noticed vanilla and coconut notes,...

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