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    Domaine Hubert Brochard produces classically styled Sancerre blanc, rosé, and rouge from their family-owned winery in Chavignol. Aimée Brochard inherited her father’s vines in the early 1900s, growing grapes and raising goats to produce cheese with the help of her husband Hubert. The domaine is now run by the fifth and sixth generation of Brochards with...

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    One of the great historic producers of Burgundy, founded in 1750 and purchased by the Champagne Bollinger family in 1999, Chanson today is one of only six producers in Burgundy still remaining from the 18th century. Chanson has been meticulously managed since 1999 to become one of Burgundy’s top estates. Domaine Chanson’s extensive holdings, and the...

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    Château Haut-Brisson La Grave is the younger brother of Château Haut-Brisson. It is made from younger vines of this beautiful area closely located to Saint-Emilion and has the same care at every stage as the first. The blend and the ageing are slightly different to produce and offer a wine that opens earlier. Château Haut Brisson La Grave is an invitation...

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    Project by Amélie & Charles Sparr, family of winegrowers for 12 generations, who have perpetuated ancestral knowledge in the production of terroir wines, since 1634.With 12 hectares of its own vineyards, which extend over several slopes, from north to south, from Riquewihr to Sigolsheim and Turckheim (north and west of Colmar), it uses biodynamic...

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    Jean-Baptiste Braneyre, the first person to own the estate in 1680, was well aware of the superb winegrowing potential of the gravelly soil located a stone’s throw from the Gironde estuary. The 1855 classification was later to confirm the quality of the terroir.Château Branaire Ducru is a red wine produced in the Saint-Julien appellation, having been...

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    Domaine des Perdrix was taken over in 1996 by Devillard’s family, wine’s men and women, for 5 generations. Robert Parker says about this acquisition that it proves the existence of undiscovered great quality terroirs among the Grands Terroirs of Cóte des Nuits. The quality of vineyards, their rigorous management and vinification had established the...

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