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    “Is it Verdelho Verdelho or Verdelho Gouveio?”, the answer might well be “it is Verdelho Verdejo”. Confused? You should be. Many people believe that they have tasted Verdelho, but few have. Gouveio (aka Godello) was for several years wrongly identified has Verdelho generating this huge confusion. Verdelho, Gouveio and Verdejo are 3 distinct grape...

    21,80 €
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    Magma is made exclusively of the Verdelho variety. Planted in the typical curraletas dos Biscoitos, in the middle of the protected landscape of Terceira Island, Azores. The vines grow on top of the volcanic rocks, in a creeping way, so as to be sheltered from the sea winds.After fermentation this wine is under fine lees in batonnage, for 5 months. It has...

    18,75 €
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