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    In the middle of the Atlantic, on the base of the volcanic mountain, the Volcanic Series are wines of pure volcanic terroir. These infertile, rocky soils, defy the definition of usable soil. On the waterfront, planted on the “mother rock”, where nothing else would grow, grapes ripen as much as the brave Azorean climate allows. Wine with mineral and salty...

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    With its unique and unusual terroir, the vines are planted in the rock cracks at the foothills of the volcanic mountain, so close to the ocean that the locals say you can hear “the crabs singing”. The vineyards are protected from strong salty ocean winds by walls of rock known as “currais”.Arinto dos Açores is a unique grape varietal native to the Azores...

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    In the heart of the World Heritage Landscape of Lajido de Santa Luzia on the island of Pico, vineyards "tempered" by the sea wind are reborn, once chosen by the Friars to cultivate unique grape varieties in the world, which produce special grapes and distinct wines. Cerca dos Frades White combines the freshness of Arinto dos Açores, the elegance of...

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    Terrantez do Pico is a grape variety born on the island of Pico, where it finds unique conditions to develop its attributes. Special but sensitive, it requires extra attention in the vineyard so that the grapes can express their floral character, freshness, elegance and salinity.This wine results from a careful selection of the best grapes from Cerca dos...

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