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  • A Cerca dos Frades

    “Cerca dos Frades” is the designation for a parcel of land given by the population to the friars during its installation, at the behest of King D. Pedro III, in Santa Luzia on Pico Island. Faced with the request for an “area the size of an ox's skin”, the people willingly gave in until they realized the cleverness and cunning of the friars: they cut the ox's skin into very narrow strips, forming a long cord with which they surrounded the area they intended.

    These vines grow on those same fences.

  • Adega Marel

    This project is born out of the passion for Talha Wine in Amareleja, for its people, customs and traditions. It unites several generations, of various origins, origins and histories, around the reverence that we all share for this patrimonial heritage, with pride and respect for the land and for what it offers.

  • António Madeira

    Since 2010 António Madeira, a Portuguese-descendant Frenchman with family roots in Dão, Serra da Estrela, has been researching and growing old vines located in special places. With passion, dedication and precision, applying methods that are respectful for the life of the soil and that facilitate the expression of the terroir in the wines. It does not use herbicides and works the soils manually with hoes and the help of a horse.
    The philosophy of winemaking is focused on the search for expression of the terroir of the Serra da Estrela, using no oenological product other than sulphurous.

  • Aparte

    A barrel that was left out. As if it were the ugly duckling.
    They adopted, cared for and threw.
    Every year is a different vintage, a different canvas as a work of art.
    They are limited editions, exclusive and exclusive in an APARTE project.

  • Ávidos Douro

    As great wine lovers, they found in Douro Superior, amid their tales and traditions, the perfect conditions to produce wines capable of generating special pleasures and emotions in everyone who tastes them. Their dreams began to come through when we acquired our vineyards, Quinta do Sardoal and Quinta das Salgueiras, both in Torre de Moncorvo, Douro, sub-region of Douro Superior, the origin of some of the greatest wines of Portugal.

  • Azores Wine Company

    The Azores Wine Company was founded on April 3rd, 2014, by the partners António Maçanita, Filipe Rocha and Insula Vinus, Lda.

    The story of three people profoundly connected to the Azores who crossed paths by the end of the first decade of the 21st century, brought together by a passion to which they dedicate a significant part of their lives: wine and gastronomy.

    Amongst the several projects they are involved in, we find wine production in Pico, the recovery of an endangered grape variety, as well as the promotion of the Azorean wine and gastronomy.

  • Bebes.Comes

    Bebes.Comes was born in January 2013 by the hand of Joana and Pedro, in order to share some of their personal experiences, moments and special places. 

  • Cabeças do Reguengo

    The family project came about as a way of restoring the traditional farming system. A system where Man lives from Nature and with Nature, in subsistence farming, poor in resources but perfectly integrated into the landscape and the balance of the ecosystem.

  • Casa da Senra

    The wine Casa da Senra is produced by Quinta dos Abrigueiros in the valley of the Lima river, on the north of Portugal, between the villages of Ponte de Lima and Arcos de Valdevez.

  • Casa do JOA

    Casa do JOA will tell the story of Parada, its people and traditions. This is the only way to appreciate the intensity of the aromas of the Alto do Joa wine.

  • Chapeleiro

    Casa do Vilarelho is located in the region where the Chapeleiro is produced, this Vinho Verde wine is made from the grapes Loureiro, Azal and Arinto.

  • Cossart Gordon

    Cossart Gordon & Co. was established in 1745 and is the oldest company in the Madeira Wine trade. Francis Newton, a young Scot sailed from Gravesend in Britain and arrived in Madeira on September 12th 1745, founding the company. He was joined by his younger brother Thomas from 1758 to 1763 and then by another Scot, Thomas Gordon of Balmaghie also in 1758. Thomas Murdoch joined the firm in 1791 that came to be called Newton, Gordon, Murdoch & Co.

  • Desconhecido Wines

    The vineyards and the winery are in a privileged location on the left bank of the Douro River. A 1758 landmark from Marquês do Pombal can be seen near the vineyards, with about 9 hectares, located in shale soil, between 300 and 400m altitude. 

  • Devaneio Wines


    Noun [C or U] a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

  • Diana Silva - Ilha DOP Madeirense

    The wish to return to the origins, the love for the land and the faith in the terroir, made Diana Silva start this ambitious project

    His creations are a true experience for all lovers and enthusiasts of the wine industry, giving the pleasure of tasting the Atlantic Pearl’s atlanticity, minerality, acidity and elegance.

  • Duas Árvores

    Duas Árvore produces wines in the Douro Valley region. UNESCO World Heritage, in Vale Mendiz, near the Village Pinhão.

    Born and raised by the true values of friendship, Duas Árvores are the fulfillment of a dream of two old friends who wished to celebrate their Portuguese ancestry. The brand name Duas Árvores (two trees in Portuguese), was inspired by the family names of the two friends, both corresponding to two trees typical of the Douro region. Your wines celebrate friendship.

  • Espera Wines

    "3 hectares of vineyard that give back to the region of Alcobaça the wine tradition brought by the Cistercian monks... and that surround us in an absolute certainty of wanting to have the simplicity hand in hand with the quality..."

  • Folias de Baco

    Farmer, winegrower, winemaker and producer Tiago Sampaio is responsible for the creation of the company Folias de Baco and all its aromas and flavors. It carries with it the taste and the dream of one day being able to turn into reality what he learned and aspired from a young age. It is in Douro lands, piggybacked by his grandfather, that he has his first contact with agriculture and the world of wines. It is in this environment that Tiago Sampaio learns to know a trade that was born out of pure curiosity to become, today, his work and research space.

  • Herdade da Anta de Cima

    The argilla wine is produced at the Herdade da Anta de Cima, located in “Serra de Montargil”, “Ponte de Sor” region, owned by the Tenreiro family.

  • Herdade do Cebolal

    Herdade do Cebolal is located on the Costa Alentejana, at the southern end of the demarcated region of the Peninsula Setúbal, near the village of Vale das Éguas, about 17 kilometers from Santiago do Cacém and 10 kilometers from the Atlantic.

  • Honrado - Vinho de Talha Artesanal

    The production of the Honrado wine is the result of a familiar project between father and son with whom possess a wide range of abilities. Ruben Honrado - the son -, a great lover of design and marketing who has traveled the world in a personal quest, has had the opportunity to be in contact and to live with other cultures over the last few years, which allowed him to open his horizons and explore other ways of thinking; And António Honrado, the father - manager of the famous Typical Restaurant País das Uvas, and a producer of Amphora wine for over 15 years who feels the greatest pride in his humble Alentejo origins. The father, who once wished to take his wine beyond the Alentejo borders, allied with the son, and the wine "Talha" was born - a product that despite having a rejuvenated and differentiated image, presents as it's fundamental dogma the respect by the history, culture, and tradition of the Alentejo region.

  • Kelman Wines

    The Kelman family produces high quality wines with native grapes harvested on your Quinta, highlighting the typicity and gastronomic aspects of the Dão, integrating traditional winemaking practices with a modern approach for the best expression of their terroir.

  • Luís Seabra

    Luís Seabra, producer and winemaker, irreverent in its essence, aims to make wines that show where they come from. Wines of terroir, from specific vineyards, almost without intervention... True and honest wines!

  • Maçanita Vinhos - Irmãos e Enólogos

    Leading this project are the two brothers and winemakers Joana and António Maçanita. The creation of Maçanita Vinhos was a dream long desired by the brothers.

    To give life to a wine with character and its own personality. In 2011, the project of the Maçanita brothers in the Douro begins.

    Based on wines of great quality and oenological richness, so typical of the Douro, the Maçanita project brings an innovative and young methodology to the production of quality wines.

Showing 1 - 24 of 48 items
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