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Primado is a complex wine of great personality and unusual longevity. Like "iron hand in velvet glove" it is full bodied, exceptionally elegant and reveals an amazing freshness. The Primate wine retains in all its splendor the prestige and tradition of Dão.

The Primado Spirit
Authenticity: Primado is worked in the purest vinification tradition of Dão. It assumes a commitment to its undisputed origin. It's genuine, it's an authentic Dão!

Differentiation: The product of a unique terroir and an exceptional savoir-fair, the Primate is superior in character.

Consistency: Primado keeps from the first harvest the unique characteristics of elegance and aging ability that stand out.

Terroir and Vineyard
Great wines are not born by chance. The exceptional conjunction of climatic and geological conditions combine to form a rare balance.
Located in Santa Comba Dão, in Quinta do Coladinho, the vineyard planted in the beginning of the 90s covers about 2 hectares in a place that reveals a sense and characteristics very own. The granitic-sandy soil is typical of the region. The climate marked by the mountain ranges of Estrela, Caramulo and Lousã, that surrounds it, is also influenced by the proximity to the reservoir and Aguieira water dam. The humidity caused by the morning mists provides balanced and slow maturations, thus achieving a wine very concentrated in tannins and fruit.
Working with nature, with its unpredictability and consequent effects on the vine, year after year, regardless of weather conditions, we strive to produce harvests with the least possible human intervention. Concern about preserving the environment has led to the choice of Integrated Production Mode, a rigorous and demanding regime that limits the type of products for vine treatments.
Black Panther Rose, whose velvet flower has the color of the great reds, were planted at the ends of the lines creating a picture of great beauty and symbolizing the true spirit with which we dedicate ourselves to the production of wine, passion. The rose bushes also have the function of alerting to the appearance of diseases of the grapevine of fungal origin, especially the mildew, which are manifested primarily in the rose bush.
Produced from the four noble grape varieties of the region, Touriga-Nacional, Tinta-Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen, in the Primado stand out the Touriga Nacional, the Portuguese reference breed from Dão, a region where it reveals its fullness.

The story
"After meeting my property in Santa Comba Dão, the friendship and passion for Dão led Anselmo Mendes to challenge me to produce a wine that would recover the profile of the prestigious wines that were once produced in the region. We wanted to produce a very different wine from very full-bodied and retinto wines. The objective was the production of a wine of great complexity and elegance, a wine of subtle and complex aromas, intense but with delicate structure in the mouth. Another purpose was to achieve aging capacity, a characteristic that distinguishes great wines. To avoid its consumption too young, which would lead to the loss of part of its potential, the commercialization of Primado is only made after prolonged stages that provide structure and complexity of aromas and flavors providing its consumption in a better moment, when it begins to reach the maturity.
Planted the vineyard in the early 1990s, it was only in 2004 that Anselmo Mendes considered that the conditions for the first harvest were met. With the stages in stainless steel, wood and bottle to which it was subjected, the Primado would only begin to be commercialized in 2008. However in 2006 the Anselmo brought the invaluable collaboration of the winemaker Patrícia Santos that has developed a remarkable work." Manuel Pereira de Melo, producer of the Primado Wine.

The knowledge of a superior technical team allows to develop a rigorous work in the vineyard, a careful selection of grapes, a serious and meticulous process of vinification, always stubborn with its commitment to excellence.
Harvesting is later than in other areas of the region because phenolic maturation (color and flavor) occurs later than industrial maturation (sugar), thus achieving a wine very concentrated in tannins and fruit. The picking is manual, at the ideal point of maturation, with immediate transport to the cellar, and consequent crushing, avoiding any risk of oxidation and other biochemical processes that could compromise the integrity of the grape and the quality of the wine.
Winemaking, carried out in granite mill with foot steps and in stainless steel vats, takes place under special attention. In both cases the temperature is controlled to extract the full potential of structure, color and aromas through careful maceration at low temperatures so that the fermentations are slow and prolonged.
After this process the wine remains in tub where it does the malolactic fermentation following to stage in French oak barrels about 12 months. It returns to the stainless steel vats for another 12 months and is then bottled and remains in evolution for a long period before entering the market. This diversified and prolonged process of internship gives the to Primado the velvet and the elegance that is so peculiar to him.
With an annual production of about 7000 bottles Primado is a rare wine. Complex and intense, with well present but delicate tannins and an amazing freshness, Primado has an excellent balance between alcohol and the remarkable acidity that gives it a structure of great elegance.

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  • 12,50 € In Stock

    Wine produced with the Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen grape varieties, after fermentation, remained in fine sludge during the winter. The wine is bright and clear. The intense pink color results from obtaining the must by bleeding after contact with the films. In the fruit aromas of intense pulp resulting from the slow fermentation it...

    12,50 €
  • 12,50 € In Stock

    Wine produced with the Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen grape varieties, aged in French oak casks for about 12 months and in bottle a minimum of 6 months. The wine presents it self limpid and brilliant. Dense, it shows up a full fragrance of ripe fruit mixed with floral notes, namely of flower of orange tree. Elegant and powerful it...

    12,50 €
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