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    Tropical and white-pitted fruit aromas, with fresh and mineral notes. Elegant, mineral and fresh, delicate in structure and persistent in the mouth.

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    The name of this wine is inspired by the flowers that, since the 19th century and by British influence, have adorned the gardens of many houses in Basto, including the birthplace of Solar de Veade, located in Casa da Capela, 17th century Solar, in Celorico of Basto.It has a natural acidity, with an intensity of tropical fruit aromas harmoniously married...

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    This wine has been produced since the 17th century, nowadays under the craftsmanship of the 10th of the same family. It is a typical wine made from Loureiro grapes. It displays intense fruity aromas and passion fruit and peach flavours. With a touch of sparkle that lends smoothness and elegance to the wine, followed by a long and fresh finish.

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    It has an aroma of wet stone with vegetable nuances (green pepper and tomato leaf). Complex and structured mouth, full of minerality combined with great greasiness and creaminess. Long and complex finish with a vibrant acidity. It is a very gastronomic wine.

    7,50 €
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    From very poor soils, located between 100m and 400m in altitude, the brothers Jorge and Pedro Barroso Pereira, took the risk of planting a vineyard. Defying the classic profile of Alvarinho, this Reserva expresses a very unique terroir, with some creativity to the mix and the mastery of the winemaker Márcio Lopes.It has a greenish color, with an intense...

    9,50 €
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    Citrine colour with light tones of yellow and revealing a complex aroma showing notes of Peach and Apricot with just a hint of floral and tropical citrus, we can enjoy an engaging and full-bodied and with balanced acidity.

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  • 11,50 € In Stock

    The finest Alvarinho grapes are produced on the coveted sun-soaked slopes of the left bank of the Minho river. The wines from these select grapes have a distinct personality that can only be achieved in the unique terroir of this region. Citrine of colour, with light tones of yellow and revealing a complex aroma showing notes of Peach and Apricot with...

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    Solar de Veade Vessada its name is inspired by the two areas of land where we planted the first vineyards. Vessada is an ode to the main varieties of the region – Azal and Arinto. It reigns supreme in mineral acidity and aromatic complexity, showing the intensity of spring flowers and fruits, combined with toasted notes. Its mineral acidity affords an...

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    Golden yellow colour, on the nose you can feel the barrels, almond, floral and citrus notes. In the mouth it is dry, fresh and mineral, unctuous and with high acidity.

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    Dos Seixos results from the union between the Monção terroir and the character of the producer, Élio Lara, who as a child played among the pebbles where today the vines grow.Presents an elegant complexity in the aroma, where the citrus fruit, apricot and some smoked notes with discreet floral notes are mixed. With an elegant and fine entrance, it opens in...

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  • 105,40 € In Stock

    This wine is born in acknowledgment of the unique characteristics of Vinhos Verdes region for the creation of world-class wines and a unique relationship between Dirk Niepoort and Carlos Raposo. Due to this relationship and after many wine experimentation in the region, Carlos managed to vinify the wine he idealized. Believing in Nature, a great wine is...

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    Made of grapes from two different regions: Dão and Vinhos Verdes. The goal is to put together in one bottle the best we can get from both worlds, believing that together can provide a miracle. Was chosen a blend of 2018 white wine from Dão, known for its deep aromatic complexity, elegance, length and guaranteed longevity. This was married to a lot of...

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