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FINGERPRINT is the portrait of the philosophy that is intended to establish: the creation of unique and personal wines, with the capacity to create memories, that capture the essence of a terroir and framed in integrity as opposed to the rapid expansion. It is in this context that the digital impression, which is unique for each individual, portrays the CREATED wine, which is also unique in the terroir where it was born and which in a less literal perspective portrays the succession of vine lines along a particular vineyard, of this terroir.

FINGERPRINT also represents the uniqueness of MAN, his vision, his creativity, his work.

The Location
FINGERPRINT wines are grown from grapes grown in the vineyards of Murça and S. Mamede de Ribatua (in Alijó), north of the Douro River, in the Vila Real district of Portugal. The portion destined to the creation of the white wine FINGERPRINT has an altitude of 450 meters, an exposure to North and its soil is granitic; already the portion of Touriga Nacional in the origin of the red wine FINGERPRINT has an altitude of 350 meters, a North-Northwest exposure and its soil is of transition. These characteristics were extensively sought by the winemaker because they enhance their winemaking expression given the specificity of both microclimates.

The Viticulture
Although FINGERPRINT wines are not made from grapes produced by our own production, cooperation strategies were established with the winegrowers in order to guarantee the quality of the raw material. The monitoring of the wine year is permanent, the dialogue with the farmers is constant, the quality controls are intervenient in the viticultural operations.
The concept of vine balance is critical in the philosophy as the layout and design of the vineyard and the operations related to the management of the foliar cover decisively influence the quality we seek as well as the yield and general health of the vine.
FINGERPRINT wines are made from grapes grown in single blocks (Arinto and Códega do Larinho in white wine and Touriga Nacional in red wine) due to the differences in the production cycles of the grape varieties, which allows to understand the ideal harvest time of each of them, to the detriment of an intermediate solution in which part of the production is still behind the time of harvest and another part has already passed the correct harvesting moment.

The Oenology
Singularity in enology is more than a word, that's all. And it's a set of little things well done. Wines can only be as good as the grapes that gave them origin. This is the philosophy. The uniqueness of the FINGERPRINT wines comes partially from the grapes of the vine where they are cultivated.
Already the role of the producer is to act as caretaker of the raw material in order to understand and realize the full potential of the vineyard and the grapes that enter the cellar.
The process of winemaking of FINGERPRINT wines involves the minimum and smoothest possible handling of the grapes. Practices such as manual harvesting for 20 kg boxes, sorting grapes before crushing, minimum wine movement, slow fermentation kinetics and controlled temperatures help to ensure that the wine in the bottle is a true expression of the raw material which gives it origin.
Because organoleptic safety is as important to us as to those who enjoy FINGERPRINT wines, they are filtered through a 0.45 micron membrane to ensure that no organoleptic deviations occur during their existence.

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    Fingerprint 2015 is complex and concentrated, but also elegant white wine. With carefully selected grapes from Arinto (82%) and Códega de Larinho (18%), we are in the presence of a powerful white wine with excellent concentration and personality. Vibrant aromas of white fruits very well married with notes and toasted nuances of the barrel. It is a rich...

    18,95 €
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