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Casa do JOA will tell the story of Parada, its people and traditions. This is the only way to appreciate the intensity of the aromas of the Alto do Joa wine.

20 kms from Bragança we found the Parade (Stop village). Typical Transmontana village whose name is associated with historical and geographical circumstances that have always made this place a "stop" site. Perhaps this is the reason why here, in the village of Parada, time insists on passing slowly, without haste to reach nowhere.
And perhaps this is the perfect condition for producing a single wine that is also the only wine produced throughout the region. With shale soils and battered by large thermal amplitudes the terroir is at an altitude of 700 meters. A unique land that hosts vineyards with more than 120 years and more than 20 distinct grape varieties. Due to its centuries-old age and traditional processes of treating the vineyards, it is possible to find different varieties in a single strain, making the wine process in a genuine alchemy exercise.
More than a winery, Casa do JOA is also a well-deserved tribute to the people of Parada village. People who the Casa do JOA want to give voice in the body of a wine that carries the essence of all love to the Alto do JOA.

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  • 20,90 € In Stock

    Tradition and innovation come together in this unique white wine, made from 10 different grape varieties harvested from centennial vineyards. A white wine with skin fermentation (Orange Wine) aged 18 months in French oak barrels give it an complex aroma with mineral notes and a fresh, dry and persistent flavour. An excellent wine for storage, if you can...

    20,90 €
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