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Apart from selling exciting wines, wineclick offers an explosion flavours experience to a new generation that enjoys drink wine on social occasions, with friends, and in a relaxed way. More than selling wines, we create Moments! Your favourite, new and different wine in your house, comfortably, at a fair prince!

From north to south of Portugal, from Madeira to the Azores islands we can find great wines made with grape varieties full of history, produced with recent technologies but always respecting traditional methods. Portugal has a unique heritage based on the diversity and singularity of grape varieties and terroirs, to which consistency and an excellent quality-price ratio is associated. This is the singular and unique heritage that we intend to disclose.


Wineclick has come through our passion for wine and we intend to present Portuguese wines that usually can not be found in supermarkets.

For us the important is the identity of the projects and who realise it. Great wines always mean hard work.

In our online store you can find all the information about the producers and the wines we sell.

Business Model - Value Proposition

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