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    This red wine produced from Castelão grape variety aged during 3 months in french oak barrels. Presents a dark ruby colour, with red fruit and light toast aromas, rounded tannins, dense and lengthly final flavour.Production: 3000 bottles

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    Castelão was the preferred grape variety to convey the elegance and balance of a region, where the river meets the sea and the mountain and the plain are discovered. Timidly, the Alicante Bouschet contributes to a prolonged mouth end. It has intense ruby color, aroma of ripe wild fruits, in the mouth is soft, with velvety tannins and well structured and a...

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    Wine produced with grapes from Touriga Nacional, Syrah and Alicante Bouschet, harvested and selected manually. With limpid and shining aspect, it presents a beautiful energetic violet tonality, extraordinarily appealing and penetrating. In the nose offers a tasteful combination of strawberry and cherry aromas and a light vanilla nuance. On the palate the...

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    This wine produced from Cabernet Sauvignon and Alicante Bouschet grapes, aged during 14 months in french oak barrels, It presents a dark ruby color, aroma of ripe berriesand light toast, full-bodied, with present but round tannins, dense and with a very persistente finish.Production: 3300 bottles

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    Selected the best Touriga Nacional and Syrah grapes, this elegant and harmonious wine was obtained, characteristic of the terroir of the region. It aged 8 months in Oak barrels and 1 year in bottle. It has intense ruby color, aroma of ripe wild fruits and some spices. In the mouth is rounded, with velvety tannins and well structured and a long finish.

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    Wine produced with grapes from Touriga Nacional and Alicante Bouschet, harvested and selected manually. Painted of an expressive and intense ruby. It brings alive and cheers our olfactive memories of vegetable balsamic aromas and ripe red fruits. It begins deep and powerful, ending with such an elegance that only a red wine born by the sea makes us feel...

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    The fourth and fifth generation of winemakers from Herdade do Cebolal have created a new project called "terroir wines" or "parcel wines".The wines Herdade do Cebolal Parcels represent three brothers. The Herdade do Cebolal Limestone and Shale Parcel is a "Sailor", the most technical and classic brother. This wine produced with the grapes Alicante...

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