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    Wine produced by the House of Vilar da Ordem in Povolide, in the municipality of Viseu, from the grape varieties Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro and Tinta Roriz, presents a violet tint, in the nose is intense and fruity, with notes of ripe fruit, a floral and fresh touch. With potent tannins and well-crepped freshness.

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    The wines Mariposa are made in a natural way, preserving the most of the natural aromas, flavors and natural acidity of the grapes of the Dao region. They are light and fresh, to drink young, but still with a good aging potential, which is a characteristic of the wines of the region. They are modern, but carry the character of Dao region.This wine is...

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    Wine produced by the House of Vilar da Ordem in Povolide, in the municipality of Viseu, from the grape varieties Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Roriz and Jaen, it has a ruby color, intense and fruity on the nose, with notes of ripe fruit, a floral and fresh touch. It is fresh, with good acidity and very present tannins to promise some more time of...

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    Blend of four typical grapes of Dão, Touriga Nacional, Tinta-Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen. Intense ruby colour with ripe red fruit aromas, hints of wild berries and spicy, floral notes. This smooth-bodied wine has a good balance between its natural acidity and structure. Mineral character provides freshness, with volume and a harmonious aftertaste.

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    This wine results from a the traditional grape blend from Dão, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional, Jaen and Alfrocheiro, has a stage in French oak barrels, is full bodied and firm, dry tannin, with good freshness, where it feels the black fruit, mixed with some spice.

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    This wine is produced exclusively with grapes from Quinta da Ramalhosa, located in the Dão region, a sub-area of Besteiros characterized by humid water and mild temperatures, in the area of Tondela where the effect of the Aguieira Dam gives the wines a character of Elegance that defines the region, the acidity well present marks the quality of the whites...

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    The Princhinho is born of the desire of three friends to make the wine "As it belongs", joining the passion for fado and the wisdom and the experience of winemaking and winemaking. The name Princhinho comes from the coincidence and coincidence of meetings and weekly gatherings to taste wines and nourish the friendships. It is a DOC red wine from Dão, with...

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    Wine produced with the Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen grape varieties, aged in French oak casks for about 12 months and in bottle a minimum of 6 months. The wine presents it self limpid and brilliant. Dense, it shows up a full fragrance of ripe fruit mixed with floral notes, namely of flower of orange tree. Elegant and powerful it...

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    Being a tribute to the river Alva, which gives its name to the sub-region where the vineyard with more than 80 years is located, the Alva Magna Red wine comes from a blend of native grapes from the region of Dão, with fermentation in granite winepressers and a rest in French oak barrels, which result in an elegant aroma wine, harmonizing fruit and wood...

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    This 2016 red wine comes from several old vines with an average age of 50 years, with dozens of native grape varieties mixed, with the most present grape varieties being Alfrocheiro, Baga and Jaen. It is a simpler wine that already shows the philosophy of the producer.In the winemaking were used natural methods focused on the expression of the earth and...

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    Blend of typical grapes from Dão, Touriga Nacional, Tinta-Roriz and Alfrocheiro, the grapes were manually harvested and they went through hand sorting to guarantee only healthy grapes were used. Stalk removal, crushing and finally fermentation took place in granite lagar (foot press). Has intense ruby colour with ripe red fruit aromas and hints of wild...

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    This wine produced by Patrícia Santos is a tribute to his paternal grandmother Rosa de Jesus, "Rosa da Mata " was the name by which his grandmother was known.Produced exclusively by grapes Alfrocheiro, from a vineyard located in the subregion of Besteiros, zone of Dão marked by high thermal amplitudes and relative humidity important for the phenolic...

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    Produced with Touriga Nacional grape variety. Delicate fruit typical of the variety. Predominance of floral notes as violet, red fruit jam and mineral hints. In the mouth it is voluminous, fresh, with good acidity. It has a pleasant lingering aftertaste with highlighted complex flavours.Taste now or wait, as this wine has an excellent aging potential.Only...

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    Produced only with Alfrocheiro grape variety, has an intense ruby colour with ripe red fruit aromas and hints of wild blackberries. Sweet and spicy notes show up from the ageing in oak barrels, adding complexity and harmony to the wine. In the mouth it is full-bodied with a good balance between natural acidity and structure. Mineral character provides...

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    Marcado a Ferros, is the sequel of a dream, from ancestral vinification passed from generation to generation, with a great portion of empiricism with centuries of history and with base on the error and attempt, where all risks are run, leaving in the hands of nature, all responsibility. A seductive and unique wine was born, with grapes from Touriga...

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    This wine results from the combination of the various small parcels of old vines with ages from 50 to 100 years, cultivated by António Madeira with dedication. This wine illustrates the philosophy of the Producer, is intense in flavor, deep, mineral, fresh and with a salivating salinity.In the winemaking were used natural methods focused on the expression...

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    A Palheira 2015 is the expression of a single vineyard, with great character and about 50 years old. Throughout the stage, in the various tests of barrels made, the wine of this vineyard was always the one that stood out the most, along with the A Centenaria. Therefore, the producer decided to bottle this wine separately, as the best produced by António...

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    In this remarkable and fascinating wine, we find centuries of history from a family dedicated to the rural / wine-growing world since before the 19th century, where the agricultural and oenological world wisdom passed from generation to generation until the 21st century. This wine is born as a tribute to all the effort and commitment of its people. Tirado...

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    A Centenária 2016 is the expression of a plot of vineyard with 120 years old and with great character. This is what we might call 'Grand Cru', a wine that the producer decided to bottle separately, because it has a unique identity. The wine tasting takes us to travel back in time to discover the aromas and flavors of the foothills of Serra da Estrela in...

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    I present our choice of Dão wines, a region that offers elegant wines with personality, freshness and softness. Surrounded on all sides by mountains, the Dão region is protected both from the direct influence of the continental climate, and from the chill and rains from the ocean. This is high country, rising from 200 metres above sea level at its lowest...

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