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Inspired by history and the incomparable beauty of the landscape we created the brand Poema to take more afar the family legacy, respecting the past and always looking into the future.

Quinta do Louridal is located in Monção-Melgaço region considered the birthplace of the Alvarinho grape variety in Portugal. Located in the northern most part of Portugal, the beauty of the countryside scenery rich in an almost unique fauna and flora, make this a magical place.  This region, in the Minho River Valley, has a microclimate marked by the transition from an Atlantic to a Continental climate. Hot, dry summers with cool nights and cold humid winters. This microclimate contributes to the creation of a limited edition of fresh and elegant Poema. Every year Quinta do Louridal produce a limited and numbered edition of Poema in Alvarinho DOC region. The art of wine was passed from generation to generation until today. It was used in religious ceremonies in 19th century, and tasted by family and friends and offered with joy to all those who visit Quinta do Louridal. Inspired by history and the incomparable beauty of the landscape and to honour the family legacy the brand Poema was created respecting the past and always looking into the future.

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    Citrus colored with greenish reflections tells us that it is a young wine. The fresh and subtle notes of white flowers are associated with some exotic mineralities and fruits, especially lychees, which give this Alvarinho wine the aromatic complexity, typical of the region that gave birth to it. In the mouth reveals a lot of freshness surrounded by a...

    12,50 €
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