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Quinta do Olival da Murta is a traditional agricultural structure of a family nature, developed over four generations. It is located in Estremadura, 80 km from the city of Lisbon, next to the Serra de Montejunto.
As it is characteristic of these rural spaces, around the main production of grape and wine, over time a great variety of complementary activities have arisen, that in an organic form, integrate a diversified unit and rich in histories and traditional knowledge. A history that today teaches us again to respect nature and to value the use of environmentally sustainable production methods.

Lisbon Region
Quinta do Olival da Murta has since its origin a history of grape and wine production. The vineyards are located in a protected valley, with slopes oriented mostly south / west, which extend around the main building. With lands of great influence in the Altlântica and of the micro-climate of the northern slope of the Serra de Montejunto characterized by the great thermal amplitude, the Quinta is located in Óbidos Sub region, one of the nine denominations of origin of the "Lisbon Wine Region", which is characterized by aromatic red wines, rich in tannins and with great ability to age in the bottle, and a great diversity of fresh and balanced whites.

Serra Oca Wine
Serra Oca continues the Portuguese tradition of batch wine production, starting from three Portuguese grape varieties, Aragonês, Castelão and Touriga Nacional, with non-intensive viticulture and without use of herbicides. Hand picking, grapes are traditionally vinified with yeast naturally present. Rest for at least 18 months in French oak barrels and benefits from a long bottle stage before being marketed, resulting in a wine of vertical profile, ruby ​​color, fresh and with end of mouth prolonged, gastronomic par excellence.

Atlantic inspiration
The writer José Saramago refers several times to the mountain range of Montejunto ... "Blimunda goes taking note of the path in his memory, that mountain, that kills ... so much we walked that we have arrived, Monte Junto, paseola". For the mountaineers the horizon is vast. The land and the sea interpenetrate "From one end to the other, from Sintra to Serra da Neve, Montejunto, the mountain is broken underneath and the sea enters through it." From its great number of caves and algarve, from the furrows of the mountain and the water eyes, their people say that their lakes do not dry up because they have no bottom ... feeding legends of treasures and enchanted Moors that "communicate" somewhere with the sea or other unknown stops.

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  • 13,90 € In Stock

    Wine produced by Quinta do Olival da Murta only with Moscatel Graudo grape variety, with skin fermentation for 10 days. It has very yellow straw, very intense aroma and floral, mint, white roses and honey. Good structure and medium intensity in the mouth, fresh, with long and pleasant finish.Production: 688 bottles

    13,90 €
  • 14,50 € In Stock

    Wine produced by Quinta do Olival da Murta with the Arinto, Fernão Pires and Moscatel grape varieties, with skin fermentation. It has golden yellow color, mineral aroma, with floral nuances. Vegetable notes and dried fruit. Very fresh and intense. Full bodied with very long and pleasant end of mouth.Production: 3000 bottles

    14,50 €
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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