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    The internationally patented Tritan® technology ensures that IVENTO is sparklingly brilliant, dishwasher safe and highly resistant to breakage. Height: 224 mm Diameter: 87 mm Volume: 506 ml

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    Preserves opened wine bottles under vacuum up to 10 days in combination with the Vacu Vin Wine Savers. The Wine Stoppers are reusable and dishwasher safe.

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    The Wine Server allows perfect, non-drip pouring every time. Its pouring surface is designed to prevent dripping and to return any excess wine back into the bottle. The high gloss transparent material, gives this Wine Server a crystal appearance. The improved rubber seal ensures a perfect fit in almost every cork and screw top bottle.

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    Helps you extracts damaged or brittle corks from older wine bottles. Protect the prongs with the included case.Corks from older bottles of wine and ageing wines may get brittle over time. Using a corkscrew bottle opener with a spiral can damage the brittle cork bottle stopper and prevent you from uncorking the bottle.

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    The Açafrão Pascoal is extracted from the stigmata of flowers of Crocus Sativus, in Portugal in Quinta Pascoal, Alenquer, in the village of Cheganças.Saffron is used since ancient times as spice, because it has an accurate aroma. Saffron is able to convey deep aromas, being irreplaceable in many recipes. In addition to transmitting the aroma, it transfers...

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    Author: Luis Gradíssimo Why some wines work better than others with some ingredient? Why one specific pairing is good for one person and not for other? Why some pairing work better on cold days? Which wine should be better with that dish?Wine and food pairing are an experience, and every person is unique. This is not a wine paring book. This is about wine...

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    Made with Portuguese leather, it includes a sommelier's corkscrew and a blade corkscrew for old wines. It was created by a winelover to be used by professionals or other winelovers.How did the idea come about?The sommelier Renato Ferreira created this pouch out of necessity as he worked in a restaurant in London: "Tweezers are an accessory that takes up...

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