Vite Colte Aureliana Gavi DOCG White 2021

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Straw yellow colour with greenish hints, aromas of lively fruitness and floral notes, as well as anise and fresh hay. In the palate is balanced, with the just right level of crisp acidity and redolent of ripe fruit.

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Producer Vite Colte
Foreign Region Country: Italy
Region: Piemonte - Monferrato Astigiano
Appellation: Gavi DOCG
Grapes Cortese (100%)
Soil The grapes come from vineyards positioned at 200 250 metres above sea level, in alluvial soils with silty clay sediments, interspersed with reddish brown grit, with a medium to medium fine consistency.
Winemaking Pressing is soft and the must ferments at a temperature of about 15º-16ºC for ten days.
Aging 3 months on the lees in steel vats.
Capacity 750 ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 12%
Temperature 8ºC - 10ºC
Harmonizations Boiled shrimp, grilled swordfish and fresh salads.

Vite Colte is the art of cultivating the vine. The quality that stems from innovation continuesKnowledge that comes from the interaction between different worlds and generations: on one hand, rural knowledge, experience, tradition and the typically Piedmontese passion for meticulous work; and on the other, research and scientific knowledge.

Wines made to perfection
The ViteColte protocol has only just one goal: an absolute and constant quality standard, the result of agronomic choices aimed at sustainable, selective vineyard management focused on achieving perfectly ripe fruit.

Every winegrower complies with the protocol, taking prompt action in the vineyard and defining and monitoring the progress of their work in close contact with the company's team of agronomists.

Vineyard selection criteria
Vineyards that are at least 15 years old
Low yields per vine
Pruning based on the number of buds
Correct plant nutrition
Manual vegetation management
Harvesting entirely by hand
Maximum attention to the choice of harvesting date
Integrated and/or organic viticulture

The ViteColte project involves one hundred and eighty winegrowers, who cultivate three hundred hectares of vineyard.
Vite Colte is made up of people who strongly believe in a shared concept of quality, where the responsibility of individuals is an integral part of the final result. Winegrowers, partners, friends. The members of ViteColte are "accomplices" in a project that demands dedication to quality which is every bit as strict as the protocols implemented in its pursuit. Every winegrower is remunerated on the basis of the size of the vineyard and not the quantity of product, in order to obtain the highest level of quality.

Winery & Design
Inaugurated in 2000, the winery is situated below the most prestigious Barolo cru vineyards and the architectural design has been reviewed by numerous modern architecture magazines.

Attention to new technologies and a philological study of the territory which gives the Langhe its specificity and identity, were paramount in the mind of Gianni Arnaudo, the architect responsible for designing the winery.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Vite Colte's philosophy
Since the 1980s, when the Piedmont Region developed its own Integrated Crop Defence Plan (which subsequently evolved into the Technical Standards for Integrated Defence relating to the EU's Rural Development Plan), the winery has actively worked to persuade its members to abandon conventional agriculture and switch to more sustainable forms of vineyard management and integrated production.

Vineyard management
Integrated production can be certified in compliance with the SQNPI standard as of 2014. From 2021, the vine-wine supply chain can be certified in compliance with the new standard of the sustainability certification system of the wine supply chain and this is the goal that Vite Colte aims to achieve over the next three years. In view of this, the vineyards destined to Vite Colte are managed in compliance with the principles of integrated defence, with some of them being managed organically (with ICEA certification) or currently undergoing conversion to organic methods.

A holistic approach
The Winery adopts production and management methods that cover three areas: social solidarity, economic efficiency and ecological responsibility. With this in mind, here are some of the projects undertaken by Vite Colte in recent years.

Economic efficiency
The choice of lighter weight glass bottles with the consequent reduction in energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions during production and transport.
The use of recycled paper in our offices and for packaging.
The achievement of over 90% separate waste collection.
The use of electricity 20% produced from renewable sources.

Ecological responsibility
Construction of the cellar with certain modern and environmentally friendly design choices: the underground ageing room with grass-covered roofs which, in addition to the benefits in terms of landscape integration, naturally regulates temperature and reduces energy consumption.
Roof insulation to reduce energy consumption.
Over 10,000 m2 (out of a total of 20,000 m2) within the company grounds are occupied by green areas planted with numerous native tree species to protect biodiversity.
An 80% reduction in plastic in "civil" uses and in packaging.

Social solidarity
The redistribution of income on the territory and along the production chain. The correct remuneration of the work of the winegrowers is aimed at guaranteeing a sustainable income to the small family farms that make up the productive and cultural fabric of Piedmont's viticulture, those who manage and protect the agricultural landscape.
Attention is paid to the welfare and professional growth of employees (who are all on permanent contracts) with training and refresher courses and targeted welfare actions.
Activation of facilities to promote "green" culture: a charging station for all types of pedal-assisted e-bikes has been installed at our headquarters.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar
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