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The orange wines are made like the red wines, in which the grapes ferment several days with the skins. They have oxidative tones, between golden, yellow and deep orange. They are more complex and austere wines, with different aromas and flavors of other white wines. It has great gastronomic versatility and good aging capacity. They are very versatile wines and goes well with fish dishes, seafood, meat and cheeses. Have you tried...

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    “La Orangina” These are the wines that make Aparte team travel around the country looking for the best varieties in their birth place. Meaning: Single plot from an original terroir. Minimal intervention and customized fermentation style for each variety! It’s all about capturing the sense of place. Nose: Fruity, peach, passion fruit, orange leafs and...

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    Straw yellow, intense initial aroma, with floral and mineral notes. Intense flavour, fresh with fruit and yeast. Good acidity that balances the palate. Persistent finish dominated by the Moscatel grape variety.Very gastronomic wine, to drink immediately, but with an ageing capacity that will allow it to acquire great complexity.

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    A white wine made the same way as a red!It is an intense wine in every sense. Intense in colour for a white wine, in the nose for its expressive aroma and in the mouth, with structure and tannin flanked by acidity and dryness.

    14,90 €

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