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Herdade do Portocarro Tears of Anima Rosé 2022

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It was the Romans who spread and developed the cultivation of vines in Portugal. They started in the Sado Valley over 2000 years ago. They may well have brought with them their most beloved grape variety: Sangiovese - Sang di Jove - blood of Jupiter.
ANIMA in Latin means breath, breeze, soul. Tears of Anima rosé is made with the best "tears" of Sangiovese. Delicate, fresh and full of soul.

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Producer José Mota Capitão
Region Península de Setúbal
Grapes Sangiovese (100%)
Soil The vineyard is surrounded by trees and the vines are arranged in a north-south orientation on top of a south-facing hill, 60 metres above the Sado river valley. The days are warm and the nights cool. The grapes are picked and sorted by hand.
Winemaking Fermentation in French oak vats at a controlled temperature of 13ºC.
Aging Stainless steel tank.
Capacity 750 ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 12%
Temperature 8ºC - 10ªC
Harmonizations Sushi, lobster salad and fried cuttlefish.

Herdade do Portocarro is in the municipality of Alcácer do Sal, in the parish of Torrão, opposite the village of São Romão and crossed by the river Sado.

This region has its roots in antiquity, as is evidenced by the discovery of coins and wine amphorae. Crossed by the River Sado, this region is hot, with dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The temperate Mediterranean climate also reflects its proximity to the sea.

The property
Herdade do Portocarro is part of the demarcated region of the Setúbal Peninsula. It is constituted of a rice-growing floodplain next to the River Sado and a hillside area with 15 hectares of vineyards.

The name of the Herdade is inspired by the existence of a high point, formerly known as "carro", located on the highest point in the region, and by the small pier ("Porto") that has marked the landscape for many centuries, since the days when transport was mainly by river.

The project
High-quality wines in limited and exclusive quantities are the project's philosophy. Wines that impress and enchant, providing unique moments for the most demanding connoisseurs.

Herdade do Portocarro wines have an intense and complex personality, tense and earthy, combined with extraordinary elegance and freshness. They are wines for a sophisticated, cultured, and sensitive consumer who seeks and enjoys tasting the difference.

The grape varieties
In the Portuguese tradition of producing blended wines, the grape varieties are:
- Reds - Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Arinto and Aragonez
- White - Sercial and Galego Dourado. Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot for limited-quantity wines.

The vineyard
In administrative terms, the property is in the demarcated region of the Setúbal Peninsula, but in geographical terms, it is in the Alentejo. An Alentejo with Atlantic characteristics. Hence the unmistakable style and flavour of its wines.

Located next to the "carro", the highest point in the region, the vineyard stretches along the south-facing slopes, with exceptional sun exposure and perfect drainage.

The winery uses a series of traditional winemaking processes, considered, nowadays, state-of-the-art for the best wines, including fermenting the grapes in French oak vats.

The philosophy of integrated protection, which accompanies the entire production process, aims to obtain top-quality raw materials. Human intervention is minimal, allowing the wine to express its full potential. They are currently in the process of adapting their production to biodynamics.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar

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