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Feito de JOA White 2020

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Powerful light brown color, with nuances between orange and amber. On the nose, y ellow fruit compotes (quince, pear, apple), and other dried fruits, like chestnut and nut. Hay freshness. Ethereal and complex. Light earthy, resines, fine cedar notes and dried powdered spices. The mouth has a c omplex bouquet with notes of phenolic flavours (cinnamon, clove). Full body and good persistence. Dry, crisp acidity. Soft. Good finish, with...

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Producer Producer: Casa do Joa
Oenology: Jorge Ortega Afonso
Region Trás-os-Montes
Grapes Esgana Cão, Formosa, Sória, Douradinha, Gouveio, Folgasão, Chasellas Salsa and others
Soil Schist soil
High thermal amplitude ranges
Altitude: 800m
More than hundred twenty years old vines (pré-phylloxera), and some without grafting.
Winemaking They strive to respect the raw material, transforming the grapes into wine with the minimum intervention and maximum monitoring. They make strict selection of grapes at harvest. Process of gentle crushing of the grape. Spontaneous fermentation together with the skins and the seeds without the addition of oenological products to protect the cultural and rare heritage of their vineyards.
Without adding any yeast, enzymes, or sulfites, protected with chestnut trees flowers.
Aging 21 months in old barrels of French oak.
Capacity 750 ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 14,5%
Temperature 12ºC - 14ºC
Harmonizations Dishes of fresh and wild mushrooms, as well as succulent or rich dishes (feijoadas and cassoulets), cod, game birds and vegetarian dishes. Peach tart or tarte Tatin.

Not only from the centenary vineyards with more than twenty different varieties of wine grape is our JOA made. It’s the rigorous Winters and the ruthless sun of Alto Transmontano that without giving any truce to the land, they force it to liberate from the schist the best that they have to offer to our grapes. From the grapes to the produced wine in this region there’s the distance between tradition and innovation. Between the knowledge of generations and the best oenological practices of last generation. Between the future and the memory preserved in the people of Parada’s village: heart, cradle and soul of Casa DO JOA. It’s because of all of this that JOA is so much more than a wine. It’s living memory of this land and a genuine declaration of their Amor ao Alto.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar

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