Menina d'Uva Ciste Red 2019

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Open ruby colored wine, with aromas of fresh red fruits such as blackberries and raspberries. In the mouth it is elegant, medium with acidity and round tannins.

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Producer Producer: Menina d'Uva
Winemaker: Aline Domingues
Region Trás-os-Montes
Grapes 70% red grapes (Basterdo Preta and Negreda mostly) and 30% white grapes (Malvasia, Bastardo Branco, Formosa, Poilta and a few others)
Soil Uva is a village nestled between mountains, surrounded by dovecotes and, once, many vineyards. This wine comes from small plots from a neighboring village, cultivated with a blend of native grape varieties.
Winemaking The grapes were incubated with the whole berry for 4 days. The fruit was delicately extracted by pumping over and gently treaded. Natural culture and fermentation. Unfined and unfiltered.
Aging Unoaked wine.
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 13%
Bottle Size: 75 cl
Temperature 15ºC - 16ºC
Harmonizations Grilled fatty fish, white meat, pizza and Italian pastas.

Back to earth
Menina d’uva is the project that Aline Domingues started in 2017, when she returned to her parents' land, in Miranda do Corvo highland (in the northeast of Trás os-Montes). She left Paris for a simple, rural life, which has always attracted her, to care for and share the wonderful wine heritage of this region.

He started in 2017 with a small production in an old house that his grandfather found for him, without water or electricity. The following year, he recovered small plots of old vines from the villagers and organized the winery through participatory financing. It produced 2000 bottles, naturally and entirely by hand.

Born in France, where he studied biology in Paris. He worked in several yeast research laboratories but found it more rewarding to harvest at Beaujolais during the holidays and to make use of this microorganism in the fermentation of wine. She went back to studying and obtained an engineering degree in fermentation processes in 2017. It was during experiences on farms in Bourgogne, Languedoc, and also in Portugal, that she fell in love with healthy wine, and became aware of the need to protect the priceless wine heritage of the Miranda do Corvo highland.

The vineyards are in the heart of Miranda do Corvo highlands, in Uva, a village sheltered in the hollow of the mountains, where 50 inhabitants live.

Around the village, there´s a large concentration of traditional dovecotes and formerly many vineyards. Unfortunately, most of it has been uprooted or abandoned.

In 2018, it recovered three parcels of old vines. Since this original production, six other plots have added (3 hectares of vineyards in total) from neighbouring villages.

Native Grape Varieties
The vines are between 40 and 100 years old, with a mix of traditional grape varieties from the region.

Schist and quartz soils favour the deep infiltration of the roots to make do with the meagre 300 mm of annual rainfall. Some plots rest on the region's rare sedimentary covers, less deep soils, but with higher fertility, drainage, retention and circulation of water.

In the cold land of the highlands, the summers are hot.

Between day and night, extreme temperature ranges allow the grapes to mature slowly and enrich their aromas.

These old vine varieties are adapted to this terroir and allow you to produce unique and unique wines.

Favouring soil life
Agriculture is organic, without synthetic products, using plants and its compost. This agricultural method stimulates the life of the soil. Legumes and grasses increase the organic matter and protect the vineyard from desertification.

Preserve the purity of wines
At the winery, grapes arrive whole in the vats for reds. For white and rosé, they pressed slowly with a vertical manual press. Wines ferment naturally, with no added yeast or additives, with very little or no sulphites.

The wines are raised in fine lees during the winter, mainly in stainless steel tanks, and then manually bottled, by gravity, without glueing or filtering.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar

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