Casa de Paços Prazo da Cotovia Late Harvest 2017 View larger

Casa de Paços Prazo da Cotovia Late Harvest 2017

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Intense golden colour with a clear, thick appearance. Aromas of stone fruit, citrus fruit and honey. On the palate, it is complex, with intense flavours of ripe stone fruit (apricot) and the grape variety, moderate sweetness and a fresh finish. 

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Producer Producer: Quinta de Paços
Oenology: Rui Cunha and Gabriela Albuquerque
Region Vinho Verde
Grapes Moscatel Galego Branco (100%)
Soil This Moscatel Galego Branco wine comes from a single vineyard at Quinta de Paços, recovering a variety that was once planted in the Minho region.
The soil is medium to coarse-grained granite, rich in quartz, at an average altitude of 70 metres in a vineyard oriented to the southeast in a simple ascending cordon and 16 km from the sea.
Winemaking This wine is made from grapes from the 2017 harvest and, to a smaller part, from the 2018 harvest. The grapes were dehydrated on the vine and harvested in the last week of November. Fermentation took place together with the skins for almost a month in used French oak barrels (3rd year). After fermentation, part (90%) of the wine remained in the barrels for 4 years and the other part in stainless steel. The wine was bottled in November 2021 and aged until its release in May 2022.
Bottles: 900
Aging Part of the wine was aged for 4 years in used French oak barrels and the other part in stainless steel vats.
Capacity 500 ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 16%
Temperature 8ºC - 10°C
Harmonizations Foie gras, dry cheeses and egg based desserts.
The History
Casa de Paços probably owes its name to an ancient paço(*) from the days in which St. Eulália de Rio Côvo might have been a Roman thermal resort. Part of what the estate is today once belonged to the Commendam of Chavão of the Order of Malta, but, for more than 400 years (since the XVI century) and 15 generations it has remained a property of the same family, the Silvas of Rio Côvo, thus named by genealogist Felgueiras Gayo, a descendant himself of this family. 

This family later united with the Fonseca family of Amins by matrimony, giving birth to the Silva Fonseca family, who in turn would also unite matrimonially with the Teixeira de Barros family (Majorat of Perdigão), as well as with their relatives Pereira da Fonseca Vilas-Boas (Majorat of Real), the Viscounts of Barrosa and the Mattos Graça family (owners of Casa do Bemfeito and, they too, descendants from the Casa de Paços).
In this house were born and undertook important building works Dr. D. Frei João Baptista da Sylva (1679-1765), Benedictine monk and once General of the Order and, on two different times, General Abbott of Tibães, as well as Dr. Teotónio José da Fonseca (1875-1937), author of Barcelos Aquém e Além-Cávado and of several other monographs and genealogy books, and a member of the Portuguese Archaeologists Association.

(NT: lat. palatiu, hence Engl. palace; also called lat. villa: "a large ancient Roman country house with the buildings and farmland belonging to it" [in the Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture; Longman: Harlow, 1998])

They are proud of the tradition of more than four centuries in the production of wine in the Minho region but also of being pioneers in practices that were not common at the time in the Vinho Verde region. They were the first producer to make a blend of the Arinto and Loureiro grape varieties. They were also the first to produce an Arinto Reserva, fermented and aged in barrels using batonnage.
Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar
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