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Maçanita Folgasão dos Dois White 2018

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It is not easy to keep up with the diversity within Portuguese varieties, there are over 250 and some of are even called different names. Folgasão went from the mainland to the Zarco islands, where it gained its reputation as Terrantez. This Folgasão was produced in altitude, it is a pure, mineral and fresh version of this variety. It is a Folgasão like you we have never tasted before. This not Joana’s Folgasão neither António’s....

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Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar
Producer Maçanita Vinhos - Irmãos e Enólogos
Cellar Douro DOC
Grapes Folgasão
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 11%
Bottle Size: 75 cl
Harmonizations Grilled fish, salads, and white meat dishes
Ideal Temperature: 10ºC

Maçanita Vinhos is a brother and sister project! Both winemakers who aim to explore the Douro’s terroir to the fullest.

Leading this project are the two brothers and winemakers Joana and António Maçanita. The creation of Maçanita Vinhos was a dream long desired by the brothers.

To give life to a wine with character and its own personality. In 2011, the project of the Maçanita brothers in the Douro begins.

Based on wines of great quality and oenological richness, so typical of the Douro, the Maçanita project brings an innovative and young methodology to the production of quality wines

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