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Aged Pomace Brandy Navegante

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This Aged Pomace Brandy is produced at Adega Cooperativa da Vidigueira, was obtained from distillation in copper vases of the best red marc immediately after pressing. A long stage in oak wood casks gives it a light brown color, as well as an intense and soft flavor that involves the characteristic taste of a genuine and well-scented bagasse spirit.

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Producer Adega Cooperativa da Vidigueira
Cellar Aged Pomace Brandy
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 43,2%
Bottle Size: 70 cl
Harmonizations For the end of a meal with a italian coffee or dark chocolate
Ideal Temperature: 16º to 18ºC

In 1956, a group of small wine producers founded the Adega Cooperativa de Alcobaça, which was initially hosted in the warehouses of the National Wine Board, today National Wine Museum. In 1993, after having acquired the land of National Institute of Agriculture Research, Adega was moved to the current space and all administrative and warehouses were built.

In the heydays of viticulture of Alcobaça, the collective had 3000 members. Currently, it has 380 members mainly because of the strong investment ir orchards instead of vineyards.

The close collaboration between members, winery and winemaker, as well as the prime location of the vineyards results in the production of excellent wines with international reputation.

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