Dão & Lafões

The demarcation of the Dão Region celebrated 100 years in 2008.
In Dão, vines are located at a height of about 400 to 700 metres and in soils with many pine trees and maize cultures. The region is surrounded by mountain ranges that protect it from wind. The wines produced in Dão have great potential for ageing in bottle.
It is subdivided into seven sub-regions: Besteiros, Silgueiros, Castendo, Terras de Senhorim, Terras de Azurara, Alva e Serra da Estrela.
Lafões is a tiny, granitic region is tucked between the north-west corner of the Dão region and the southern tip of the Vinho Verde region.

White wines are very aromatic, fruity and balanced. Red wines are full bodied, aromatic and may become complex after ageing in bottle.

Climate: Isunder the simultaneous influence of the Atlantic and the Interior, and this is why winters are cold and rainy, while summers are hot and dry.

Soil: Predominant soils are of granitic origin. Only about 2.2% of soils planted with wine grape are argillaceous shales.


Dão and the Discoveries
This region's wine was served at the luxurious celebrations organised by Infante D.Henrique in Viseu before the Portuguese embarked on their journey to conquer Ceuta.

When phylloxera struck European vines there was a great demand for this region's wine, which would be used to replace Douro's (since the Douro region had already been invaded by phylloxera) and sell table wine to the French market. Between 1883 and 1886, phylloxera reached the Dão region.

Fonte: Infovini, Wines of Portugal e Comissão Vitivinícola da Região

Main grapes varieties

  1. Dão
  2. Lafões
Dão & Lafões


  1. Besteiros
  2. Silgueiros
  3. Castendo
  4. Terras de Senhorim
  5. Terras de Azurara
  6. Alva
  7. Serra da Estrela
Dão: sub-regions

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