Alentejo is divided into eight different sub-regions.
One of the most exciting areas is right up in the north-east corner, around the city of Portalegre and over towards the Spanish border. This high mountain country has a much cooler climate than the rest of the Alentejo, and the potential to make more elegant wines. The central Alentejo, wide, rolling country around the towns of Évora, Borba, Reguengos and Redondo, is hotter, and makes wines with a good balance of acidity. Even further south, in the bakingly-hot country around Beja, Granja-Amareleja, Moura e Vidigueira winemakers are producing some excellent wines. Soils vary hugely, from granite and schist to chalk.

White wines from Alentejo are usually soft, slightly acidic, with tropical fruit aromas. Red wines are full bodied, rich in tannins and with aromas of wild and red fruit.

Climate: It is a very sunny area allowing the perfect maturation of the grapes. Temperatures are very high in summer, making it indispensable to water the vineyard.

Soil: It is the region with the greatest diversity of soils. They alternate between shale, clay, marble, granite and limestone.


Effects of Romanisation
The Roman presence in Alentejo contributed to the implementation of the vine in several areas of the region. After the foundation of Beja, between 31 and 27 BC, there was a great increase in the growing of vines. Pieces of pottery, grape seeds and a granite press were found near Vidigueira.

Wine Incentives
After expelling the invaders from Alentejo, the royal authorities and religious orders encouraged the production of wine. The population was forced to grow vines and, after three to five years, donate a certain part of their yield. In 1221, D.Afonso Henriques established that the grapes and wine produced would be property of the Sé de Évora.

Source: Infovini, Wines of Portugal and Wine Comission of the Region

Main grape varieties


  1. Portalegre
  2. Borba
  3. Évora
  4. Redondo
  5. Reguengos
  6. Granja-Amareleja
  7. Vidigueira
  8. Moura
Alentejo: sub-regions

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