Talha Mafia Wines Revolver Talha Red 2021

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Talha Mafia Wines uses 100+ year old amphoras to ferment and age a blend of some of the most popular grapes in the region.
This unique wine is a fruity and juicy, with soft tannins, balanced with fresh acidity, structure and complexity.
Aroma of wild fruits, currants and wild pine. In the mouth shows texture, mineral notes and balanced juicy fruit with vibrant acidity

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Producer Talha Mafia Wines
Region Alentejo DOC
Grapes Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Syrah and Trincadeira
Soil Vidigueira soil: granitic and schist (ganite and schist soil), which transmits minerality and freshness to wine.
Winemaking Hand-harvested, grapes; whole-cluster pressed; fermented on the native yeasts, followed by a full malolactic on the naturally occurring bacteria; minimum effective sulfur for this wine, unfiltered at bottling. In keeping with our philosophy of minimal intervention.
Aging 6 months in talhas (amphoras).
Capacity 750 ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 14%
Temperature 15ºC - 17ºC
Harmonizations Traditional meat dishes from Alentejo.

Breaking The Rules
We honour tradition but our approach to making wine is unique”.

They are a group of family & friends, a fraternity with a passion for producing small batch, natural wines in a wine making process that’s 2000+ years old. They’re preserving unique approach to wine that leverages nature, uses less energy, and delivers honest, authentic and flavor forward wines. They improvise and ‘break rules’ by fermenting single varietal grapes in their own amphora (Talha) before blending. This process produces their unique signature to small batch Talha wines.

Unique winemaking process
Using centuries old amphoras just as the Romans did, their wine is made with limited intervention, zero-industrial processing, no commercial enzymes, or nutrients – not to a pre-determined recipe but blended based on taste from their single varietal fermentation process per amphora. Unique to amphora wines. They also produce oak barrel aged wines which adds complementary flavour notes to their wines; unique to Talha Mafia Wines.

Sustainability at the core

Hand harvested
They make small batch natural wines from hand harvested & crushed grapes. This process reduces damage to grapes and improves the quality of fermentation process with the naturally occurring malolactic bacteria present on the fruit and the indigenous wild and natural yeasts brought to grapes from bees.

They are committed to transitioning to organic, chemical free dry farming practices which uses less water and irrigation.

Carbon Removal
They contribute a portion from all online purchases to removing CO2 from the atmosphere

They break with tradition in packaging. Their boxed wine, Pistol, represents their commitment to sustainability and to show that quality wines don’t have to be in a bottle. Their box is made from 75% recycled materials and is recyclable after use. They also use eco-friendly bottles that weigh less than many traditional wine bottles.

8 X Lower Carbon Footprint
Bag-in-Box shows an 8 times lower carbon footprint than glass bottles. It also prevents food waste by protecting the contents before and during use.

The grapes
Their grapes are tended to with TLC in Vidigueira, Alentejo DOC, the home of Talha (amphora) wines, a UNESCO Heritage site candidate.

Local Community
They take great pride in having a family & friends’ business, deeply connected to the local community. Together, they’re navigating toward a more sustainable future that preserves and honours tradition and, at the same time, is forward-looking.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar

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