Arinto dos Açores by António Maçanita 2018 2nd Edition

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Arinto dos Açores is a unique grape varietal native to the Azores Islands. Although it shares the same name and good acidity of the mainland Arinto, the grapes are not related.

Clean citrus color. Fresh, pure and mineral aroma with a touch of grapefruit. In the palate it is sharp, fresh, and mineral wine that tease the palate, showing it’s ocean born origin.

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Producer Producer: Azores Wine Company
Oenology: António Maçanita
Region Açores - Pico
Grapes Arinto dos Açores (100%)
Soil The soils are solid lava stone formed 500 to 2000 years ago.
With its unique terroir, the vines are planted in the rock cracks at the foothills of the volcanic mountain, so close to the ocean that the locals say you can hear “the crabs singing”. The vineyards are protected from the strong salty ocean winds by walls of rock known as “currais”.
Winemaking Selective manual harvest in 20kg baskets, pressing of whole bunch, transfer after 12h to fermentation vats of 600-1000L.
Aging Stainless steel vats.
Capacity 750 ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 12%
Temperature 10ºC - 12ºC
Harmonizations Oysters, barnacles, bivalves and grilled fish.
Wine's Awards 92 Points - Robert Parker - Wine Advocate

The Azores Wine Company was founded on April 3rd, 2014, by the partners António Maçanita, Filipe Rocha and Insula Vinus, Lda.

The story of three people profoundly connected to the Azores who crossed paths by the end of the first decade of the 21st century, brought together by a passion to which they dedicate a significant part of their lives: wine and gastronomy.

Amongst the several projects they are involved in, we find wine production in Pico, the recovery of an endangered grape variety, as well as the promotion of the Azorean wine and gastronomy.

In 2010, António Maçanita began, along with the S. Miguel Agricultural Development Services, the winemaking work of the Terrantez do Pico grape variety. Unique in the world, this nearly extinct caste reveals a surprising freshness, mineral quality and salinity. The small production of this identity and authenticity filled wine, travels to several countries and becomes available to some of the best wine shops and top restaurants. The Azores come in big!

Afterwards, in 2013, there was a joint venue on Pico island, put together by Fita Preta wines and Insula Vinus, in order to produce a wine based on one more autochthon grape variety of the Region: Arinto dos Açores.

The team work, the friendship and the common vision to bring back to the Azores, Pico island in particular, the notoriety of past times challenged them into a new project.

This is how the Azores Wine Company was born and in 2014, the first year, it was already producing 10.000 bottles. The single varieties white wines Arinto dos Açores and Verdelho O Original of the Rare Grapes Collection represent more than half the production. However, the red and rose wines are also quite surprising.

The first Azorean sparklings are also a part of this story. It was made in 2011 by António Maçanita in the Terrantez do Pico project (in S. Miguel island) and in 2014 the first Arinto dos Açores sparkling, already under Azores Wine Company signature.

Lastly, there is the work already being developed in the fortified wines domain, in search of the famous Pico wines that travelled the world over 400 years ago.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar

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