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Palmer & Co Champagne Brut Rosé Solera

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Palmer & Co has created a rosé combining exceptional fruitiness and delicate notes of spice. At the heart of the blend lies a unique Solera of Pinot Noir, a perpetual reserve of several decades reflecting the House’s celebrated expertise. The intense nose is dominated by the energising aroma of wild strawberries with tantalising light notes of red and black currants in the background, overlaying very delicate notes of vanilla...

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Producer Maison Palmer & Co
Foreign Region Country: France
Region: Champagne
Appellation: Reims
Grapes Chardonnay (52%)
Pinot Noir (20%)
Pinot Meunier (19%)
Red Wine Solera (9%)
Winemaking Reserve Wines (39%)
Aging 3 years of ageing on lees in bottle.
Capacity 750ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 12%
Temperature 8ºC - 10°C
Harmonizations Seafood, sushi, smoked salmon and fruit-based desserts.
Wine's Awards Gold Medal - Decanter World Wine Awards 2019 (95 points)
Silver Medal - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2019
Silver Medal - The Drink Business Awards 2018
94 Points - Gourmet Traveller Wine

Naturally elegant
A History of Passionate people, a certain Concept of Excellence
Palmer & Co was established over seventy years ago, in 1947, by seven grower-families with prized Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards in the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne. The seven shared a desire for perfection and a vision to create a Champagne house known for its passion for harmony, balance, and the pursuit of excellence. Today, those qualities still define the Champagne Palmer style.

Palmer & Co incarnates a natural elegance, without exaggeration or demonstration, an elegance that will last over time and that will give rise to emotions.

Representing a true search for harmony and balance that was initiated by the 7 founder winegrowers, Palmer & Co has become a champagne house of reference today and is well prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

The Vineyards, Premier and Grand Crus
Palmer & Co distinguishes itself through the grands terroirs of the Montagne de Reims, where all its vineyards are classified as Premier or Grand Cru.

The Côte de Sézanne area, the Côte des Bar and the Marne Valley, complete this mosaic. During the blending process, they account for the elegance and balance of the iconic Palmer & Co style.

A commitment to the environment
Producing wines while respecting the environment and preserving the integrity of the grapes is a responsibility and a duty that Champagne Palmer & Co does not take lightly. They are heavily committed to sustainable winegrowing, following an exhaustive and demanding action plan, from soil and vine nutrition, soil maintenance, treatment of the vines, sustainable protection of the vineyards and waste management.

Their technicians are constantly on the alert and offer support to the winegrowers in their selection of practices to ensure maximum respect for the men and the environment involved in the winegrowing process.

The Art of Blending
The cellar master
For Palmer & Co, the creation of a cuvée is just as much the work of nature as it is the work of Man. We blend the different varieties, crus and reserve wines until we reach the perfect balance.  Xavier Berdin

The Cellar Master and his 4 oenologists are guardians of the Palmer & Co style, passionately watching over the wines of yesterday, today and tomorrow with unrelenting vigilance.

The reserve wines
Selected for their structure and aptitude for ageing, the reserve wines constitute the backbone of  Palmer & Co’s non-vintage cuvées. They lend richness and depth to the blends, ensuring that the Palmer & Co style remains consistent.

The Solera system
Palmer & Co is one of the rare champagne houses to have adapted the famous winemaking technique developed in Jerez to the wines of Champagne. In Champagne, the Solera (or perpetual reserve) system is refreshed every year with an addition of wines from the latest harvest.

For over 35 years, they have been working with three Soleras in two stages, the first in oak casks for the new vintage before being added to the perpetual reserve in stainless steel vats.

«It’s an everlasting blend, the old wine educating the new, the young wine feeding the old. The principle is simple but requires great rigour in winemaking.»  Xavier Berdin

The red wine Solera is used for creating the Rosé Reserve cuvée while the Chardonnay Solera is used as a spice in the reserve wines of Palmer Brut Reserve and also in the dosage liqueur at the time of disgorgement, and the Pinot Noir Solera is used in the blend of Palmer Blanc de Noirs.

The Work of Time
Time is an Accomplice in Refinement of Style

Prolonged ageing
The Palmer & Co quality is based, first of all, on Time, an essential ingredient of the House style. Palmer & Co champagnes remain in contact with their yeast sediment for many years. The slow ageing on their lees give the wines their characteristic refinement and aromatic complexity. Their non-vintage cuvées age for a minimum of three years while the vintage cuvées are aged for six to eight years and our largest bottles age for ten years or more.

The exception of the large bottles
Jeroboam, Methuselah, Nebuchadnezzar… evocative names for imposing bottles that give the champagne an eternal youth if the bubbles are produced in these fabulous bottles themselves. Only an ageing process of over ten years in the cellars will allow them to reach full maturity, an exceptional savoir-faire giving rise to inimitable masterpieces.

The Palmer & Co Style
A set of inspired collections
Expression of a very special art combining technical precision with harmony, the Palmer & Co style is characterised by its elegance and balance. It is expressed fully after a long maturing period in the cellars 18 metres below the ground.

Dominated by the freshness and purity of its Chardonnays, the Palmer & Co style is seductive through its precision and clarity. The grace and power of the Pinot Noir, the generosity of the Pinot Meunier and the significant contribution made by reserve wines confer a rich fullness and rare maturity.

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