Domaine Amélie & Charles Sparr Altenbourg Riesling 2017

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Project by Amélie & Charles Sparr, family of winegrowers for 12 generations, who have perpetuated ancestral knowledge in the production of terroir wines, since 1634. With 12 hectares of its own vineyards, which extend over several slopes, from north to south, from Riquewihr to Sigolsheim and Turckheim (north and west of Colmar), it uses biodynamic agriculture and exploits the most varied soils, which result from the complex...

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Producer Producer: Amélie & Charles Sparr
Country: France
Region: Alsace AOC
Appellation: Altenbourg
Grapes Riesling (100%)
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 13,5%
Bottle Size: 75 cl
Harmonizations Fish, seafood, sushi and white meats
Ideal temperature: 8º to 10ºC
Wine's Awards 93 Points - James Suckling
88 Points - Decanter
16,5 Points - Jancis Robinson

They believe in the quality and the expertise of French wines. They also believe that we need to change our methods of production and consumption. And they believe in meaningful, intelligent and organic agriculture. Grapes grown and harvested in harmony with nature. They want to make bistronomic wines, sociable wines. They believe that the work of transforming the world into a better place isn’t just for superheroes. They present exceptional small-batch wines for devotees and enthusiasts!

It is the coming together of two children of the vine. Amélie comes from a family of country winegrowers and Charles from a family of wine merchants. It is an audacious project to produce a complete panoply of 100% biodynamic Alsace wines, with love. A challenge that this couple has taken up since the 2017 vintage, with selections drawn from a family heritage. Starting from scratch to break with tradition. Trying new things, with pleasure. Vive la Liberté!   No fuss, no commotion, just aromas that explode in the mouth…

Amélie & Charles have together taken in hand the destiny of the family vines. Today the estate covers 12 hectares spread around 7 villages, including 2 premiers crus and 4 Grand Crus destined for fine wines. An impressive cartography which, by the diversity of its geology, multiplies the charm of the wines produced. Contours and slopes are just what they need. And nearby, a few parcels not used for vine growing are reserved for the production of compost. A precious balance essential for living in near self-sufficiency, with harvested matter being returned to Mother Nature.

In the cellar they give free rein to our imagination! The grapes are picked by hand to retain the brightness of the aromas, and the juices are vinified with the same respect that they apply when working in the vines. Indigenous yeasts occurring in the vineyard ensure natural fermentation. Additives have no place here. The terroir emits a vibration that no oenological technique is yet capable of reproducing. Controlling temperatures at key winemaking stages protects the fruit aromas. It is here that they discover the treasures of a vintage. Where the strength that the roots have drawn from the earth during the year is revealed, and from which the ingenious blend of varietal and mineral characters of the terroir is composed.

The vineyard is cared for by the team throughout all four seasons of the year. The parcels are tended meticulously, with each task having its own particular importance. They observe and listen the hillsides. The well-being of the plant is the constant aim. This powerful attachment spreads its wings to natural methods of cultivation. Bio (life) dynamic (active) practices stimulate the vivacity of the soils and ecosystems. They till the earth to encourage deep rooting in the nourishing earth. It is a method that transmits the talent of the terroir. The conjunction of the vintage, the soil, the climate and their skills is what gives flavour and colour to the wines.

They are deeply attached to their land and uphold healthy and sustainable methods of agriculture, free of all pesticides. Respecting the lunar calendar assists the growth of the vines. They prepare infusions of plants at precise moments in the growth cycle, and spray tisanes according to the position of the stars. Vegetable, mineral and animal elements help to naturally reinforce the immune systems of the plants. It is a return to a more human type of viticulture, using manual and artisanal techniques.  Biodynamics play an important role in contributing to the taste and the balance of the wine. The wines are characterised by extreme concentrations in polyphenols, which have extraordinary benefits to health.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar

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