Cabrita Negra Mole Red 2021

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Negra Mole is a unique and exclusive grape variety from the Algarve region, and as such the wines from which it originates are also very special.
Light ruby colour, fruity and delicate aroma, reminiscent of strawberry and pomegranate. In the mouth, it has a balance of fruit and acidity, with a velvety and slightly salty finish.

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Producer Producer: José Manuel Cabrita
Oenology: Joana Maçanita and Dinis Gonçalves
Region Algarve
Grapes Negra Mole (100%)
Soil Limestone clay soil.
Winemaking Fermented with indigenous yeasts.
Aging Stainless steel tanks.
Capacity 750 ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 13%
Temperature 13ºC - 15ºC
Harmonizations Grilled fish, white meats and regional snacks.

Cabrita wine comes from the picturesque Quinta da Vinha, owned by the Cabrita family located in the municipality of Silves, and has 6.6 hectares of vineyard.

The Cabrita wine tradition dates back to 1977. It was in that year that José André, a fruit trader, acquired the farm and produced traditional Algarve grapes such as Crato, Manteitão, Negra-Mole and Castelão, giving rise to his “homemade” wine, which at the time it was recognized for its quality.

Later his son, José Manuel Cabrita, is in charge of the business. This turns a page in the history of Quinta da Vinha. There was a choice of grape varieties that demonstrated all the potential in the Algarve, in the year 2000, the vine was replanted with Touriga-Nacional, Trincadeira, Aragonez, Arinto and Verdelho.

In 2007, the first wines of these new vineyards are born, Cabrita red and rosé. This entry presented itself with a bold image, for young consumers, good connoisseurs and all other curious people who were looking for quality local wine. Just over 4500 bottles of Cabrita Tinto and 3000 of Cabrita Rosé 2007 were produced.

Currently, José Manuel Cabrita has 8 different wines and explores close to 14 hectares of vineyards. It presents in its portfolio white wines, a rosé and three reds, all of them with very different and unique characteristics. Continuing to invest in Portuguese grape varieties and in particular in Algarve grape varieties, such as Negra Mole or Moscatel, a range of wines he called Native Grapes.

Today, the Cabrita family expects a wine that follows the best tradition of its ancestors, and with such great ambitions for the future.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar
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