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Talha de Argilla White 2017

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This wine is produced with Alvarinho, Verdelho and Viosinho varieties in Herdade da Anta de Cima located in the Serra de Montargil, Alto Alentejo region. Fermented in 140 liters clay amphoraes with autochthonous yeasts and then aged for 4 months in the same amphoraes. Nose of great elegance with notes of brioche, beeswax and apricot in syrup, all in a very fine and mineral set with hints of talcum and cinnamon. Harmonious and...

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Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar
Cellar Alentejo Regional
Year Alvarinho, Verdelho and Viosinho
Aging Fermented in clay amphoraes and aging for 4 months in the same clay amphoraes
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 12%
Bottle Size: 75 cl
Harmonizations Should be consumed at a temperature of 9º to 11ºC

The argilla wine is produced at the Herdade da Anta de Cima, located in “Serra de Montargil”, “Ponte de Sor” region, owned by the Tenreiro family.

The farm is based on the traditional agro-forestry production system of the region. Vineyards are located in the most fertile soils of the Herdade: clay soils, well drained, dominantly exposed to south and with moderate slope.

At Herdade da Anta de Cima, the last vineyards were torn out in the 1950s and the old cellar ruin still remains from that time. The vineyards were brought back to the “Serra de Montargil” in 2010 and two years later the rst white and red argilla wines were produced.

It’s a new cycle, a family’s project that unites tradition and modernity and aims the excellence in the production of this passionate, unique and so portuguese’s product: wine.

The production of wine in large clay’s amphorae dates back from Roman civilization and gives three main benefits:

  1. The advantages of a slow and steady oxidation;
  2. Concentration by evaporation;
  3. Absolute respect for the wine without transmitting any other smells or tastes;

The argilla are terroir wines with a select and distinctive profile, obtained from very noble Portuguese grape varieties.

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