Chão dos Eremitas Alicante Branco 2021

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Alicante Branco, was and still is also known as Boal de Alicante or Boal Cachudo, may have been, for many years, a very important varietal in Alentejo. In 1822, before the phylloxera, Gyrão quotes many “Boais” but gives special attention to Boal Cachudo, another name for this varietal. This 100% Alicante Branco, the only one in Portugal, is a trial of the Portuguese-exclusive varietal, which makes this the only one in the world. This...

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Producer Producer: Fitapreta Vinhos
Oenology: António Maçanita
Region Alentejo
Grapes Alicante Branco (100%)
Soil Year of vineyard plantation: 1970
Altitude: 256-267 m
Soils: Granitic - Non-Humic Litolics, little evolved and formed soils, sandy texture, without aggregates, slightly acidic.
Location: Southern foothills of Serra d’Ossa.
Grapes under certified integrated production regime without the use of herbicides.
Winemaking Manual night harvesting, direct pressing, no sulphites until the end of fermentation, no decanting and spontaneous fermentation in old barrels.
Aging 12 months ageing on lees without battonage and 3 months in stainless steel.
Capacity 750 ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 12,5%
Temperature 10ºC - 12ºC
Harmonizations Fish dishes in the oven or pan and simpler poultry dishes.

In the southern foothills of Serra d’Ossa, this place is special, you can feel it! Two streams bring the rainwater from the Serra keeping the ground cool in the torrid Alentejo heat, never lowering the water table below 5 meters. Here is where the vine used to be planted, the Chão dos Eremitas, “Chão”, an old term for flat areas, and “Eremitas” referring to the Hermit monks of São Paulo’s order. Here, there’s evidence of uninterrupted wine production since the 14th century. XIV. The vineyard was so important that a Papal Bull in 1397 exempts the “Pauperes Eremitas” from paying taxes in their vineyards. But archeology goes further, discovering the only Phoenician wine amphora of Portugal’s inland, dating to the 8th century BC. This links this place to wine about 900 years before the arrival of the Romans, in which there are 3,000 years of history linked to wine.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar

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