Etnom Red 2020

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Light garnet color, aromas of cherry, chocolate, intense fruit, sea and black pepper.

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Producer Producer & Winemaker: Cátia Laranjo
Region Açores
Grapes Syrah and Merlot
Soil Pico Island- Açores
Winemaking Fermentation with indigenous yeasts.
Capacity 750ml
Volume Alcohol by Volume: 12%
Temperature 16ºC - 18ºC
Harmonizations Game, smoked or red meat, oily fish, fish au gratin in the oven.

"I was born and raised on Pico Island, where the subsistence of this island has always been linked to viticulture. I grew up with my father in this system of grapes, vineyards, wineries: viticulture, pruning, grafting and burning." Cátia Laranjo

Cátia Laranjo could even have another aspiration in her life, to do something completely different but, the truth is that her first choice was Oenology at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. After more than 10 years of working in several wine regions in the Portuguese continent and around the world, this is his project. It was born from his passion for one of the best pleasures in life, wine. He is proud to call Pico his home, one of the best regions in the world for white wines.

The landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, leaves anyone, whether they are a wine lover or not, surrendered and amazed by all the hard work around the “currals” and the extreme viticulture that takes place there. The “currals” or “curraletas” are walls of loose volcanic stone built since ancient times to protect the vineyards from the sea winds, creating an incredible landscape. Thus goes the phrase: 'And from stone wine was made, and still is, proof of the resilience of a Picaroto and Azorean people, which they proudly join, in this future generation that wants to keep the Pico name on the map of great wines of the world.

Dry Sweet
Un-oaked Oak aged
Light Full-bodied
Drink now To cellar
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