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Vieira de Sousa is a Portuguese company that produces wines already in its 5th generation. With Luísa Borges managing the production under the supervision of her father, António Vieira de Sousa. Together in 2008 they began to bottle their Old Ports with the family brand. In these days they continue to present quality and authenticity in their wines.

All the wines of Porto and Douro are produced from their own four farms, located along the Douro River, with a total of 60 hectares: Quinta do Roncão Pequeno, Quinta da Água Alta, Quinta do Fojo Velho and Quinta da Fonte. These different vines allow to produce different blends and consequently a wide range of quality wines year by year.

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  • 9,50 € In Stock

    The grapes for this wine were harvested on the farms of the producer along the Douro Valley. Vinified in wineries in the winery in Sabrosa and aged in stainless steel barrels. This is the result of a blend of several Ruby Ports, it has a bright ruby color, exhibiting a very attractive aroma with notes of ripe red fruit in which the plum stands out.

    9,50 €
  • 9,50 € In Stock

    The grapes for this wine come from our Quintas, located in the heart of the Douro. Vinified in mills, the aging is carried out in old oak barrels, for a period of 5 to 8 years. After aging, the different blends are pooled to obtain a richer and more complex final blend. This Tawny reconciles the age with a sweet fresh, showing great elegance, has a red...

    9,50 €
  • 23,30 € In Stock

    A very elegant White Port wine with a high aromatic complexity originated from oxidative handling and a good extract from prolonged skin maceration. It is elaborated with different lots of old White Port of great quality, aged in casks for more than 10 years. Brilliant golden color with a nutty aroma and delicate raisins. Sweet and fresh on the palate,...

    23,30 €
  • 49,70 € In Stock

    Vieira de Sousa Vintage 2016 is produced from two Quintas of the Vieira de Sousa Family, Quinta da Água Alta and Quinta do Fojo Velho. The Quinta da Água Alta vineyards are more than 40 years old and face South on the top. Here you can identify more than 10 different types of grape varieties. Quinta do Fojo Velho is a century-old vineyard above the Pinhão...

    49,70 €
  • 16,90 € In Stock

    The Vieira de Sousa family has been producing Port wine for five generations, always looking for the best quality. This white Port is an example of this, a limited edition of a batch with 10 years old half dry. This is a rather dry port, due to its quality and uniqueness, it is aged in old oak vats, which causes a slower aging.Has a bright golden color,...

    16,90 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
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