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2.5 Belmonte Wines were born from the will of five friends, winemakers in the region for several years. The vineyard area of 50 hectares has granitic origin and produce one million bottles under the guidance of the winemaker Anselmo Mendes.

The name "2.5" intends to represent the 2 villas of Belmonte where the 5 friends vineyards are located. In the symbology the number 2 means harmony and interaction, the number 5 means adventure and change. The label has the peculiarity of being written in 5 languages including Braille.

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  • 14,90 € In Stock

    The Jaen grape variety was chosen to count the first chapter of the 10-year history of the doispontocinco. This grape variety represents the vineyards of Beira Interior, being a variety inherited from the ancestors, present in the old vineyards and the new plantations. In this wine we feel in the nose, the ripe cherry associated with the floral notes,...

    14,90 €
  • 9,75 € In Stock

    Wine produced with Fonte Cal grapes, is a white wine fermented in French oak barrels. After fermentation it remained in barrels for 6 months, The minerality combined with the smoothness and complexity of the wood leads to a fine, balanced and sturdy white wine.Golden yellow color, floral aroma of lemon tea with soft touch of spice, where the wood is...

    9,75 €
  • 13,50 € In Stock

    The Rufete old vines, without wireframes, give us a hot wine that combines elegance with sturdiness. The aging of 9 months in French barrels faceted the edges of a wine laden with history. Ganet color and bright. Intense aroma of ripe fruit, softened by the gentle vanilla wood present in mouth. Extends the smoothness leaving a warm and round aftertaste.

    13,50 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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