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Helwigus Wines is located in Santa Bárbara de Nexe and vineyards are located 10km from the Atlantic Ocean, the climate being dry, hot and with some wind. The soils are clay-limestone.

The idea to produce wine was born when the physicist and ex-industrial manager Helwig C. Ehlers was sipping an excellent portuguese wine at his recently achieved plot of 6 ha above Sta. Barbara de Nexe in 1998. About 1.5 hectar were planted of Aragonez, Castelao, Syrah, Toriga National, Trincadeira and Tamarez. The first wine from harvesting to botteling was completely made by himself and his wife with very elementary machinery. The wine was so excellent that both became very enthusiasted and anxious to continue. Becoming an official producer, they invested in the most modern technology of equipment and they collaborated constantly with a professional oenologist for growing and cellering. So, the former hobby became serious business.

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    This wine was produced with the varieties Arinto and Tamarez, have a light yellow color with beije refections, have an intense aroma of mix of tropical fruits like rioe papaya and mango, long-lasting aroma. On the palate is very fresh and fruity, in the aftertaste soft and creamy.

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