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From the passion of two young couples for the Alentejo and its wines was born the project Absurdo.

Absurdo, because they want to continue to show the world that the Alentejo is a fantastic wine region, still with much to unveil.

Absurdo, because although they are not owners of vineyard or wine cellar, they have the passion, the will and the desire to deepen their knowledge.

Absurdo, for having the freedom to run the Alentejo from north to south to find the grapes that allow to offer this mixture of warmth and freshness, maturity and joviality, tradition and modernity.

See, feel and taste ... the Absurdo taste!

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  • 6,75 € 7,50 € In Stock

    This wine demonstrates the richness and tradition of the Alentejo and its white wines. They visited the Antão Vaz grape variety, famous for the acclaimed whites from Vidigueira, and Arinto, grape variety existing throughout the country and famous for its freshness. The producer wanted to create a traditional white Alentejo wine, aromatic and hot in aroma,...

    6,75 € 7,50 € -10%
    Reduced price!
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item
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