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Casa Agricola Rebelo Lopes started in 2012 rooted in the vision to combine the family´s farming expertise with a professional and organized structure, with the goal of resuming an historical project in the family since several generations.

Tejo wine region was the chosen location for your wine business/project. They planted the vineyard in the hillside of the family estate inherited from their ancestors, in Quinta Nova (Riachos), and built a modern and functional winery in 2013, combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional practices - like the manual foot treading in stone lagares - allowing to produce modern wines with strong character and a very personal craft.

They drive the family business, which comprises grape and wine production as well as grains and almond fruits, based in sustainable principles and fully committed to achieve high quality standards.

As he was known in the region, was a farmer who acquired the Quinta Nova at the beginning of the 20th century, and began the project that led to the production of this wine. 

Today, four generations later, his grandson and great-grandsons brought the farm back to life. They planted a new vineyard, built a winery and now produce a wine with his name - “Zé da Leonor” – that, like its namesake, reveals the character and strong personality that they wish to pass on to future generations.

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