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Just 5 minutes away from the city of Gouveia, in the slopes of Serra da Estrela, Madre de Agua Farm is located in a farm that produces wine, cheese and fruit.

Madre de Água is located in the Dão region, producing some of the finest national wines, holders of great quality and elegance. Its history, its contrasts, its vineyards surrounded by a range of mountains that protect them from external influences, give these wines unique characteristics of aroma and flavour. A terroir of excellence, where the Madre de Água stocks are implemented, many already existing when the land was purchased by the current owners. This is the case of vineyards in the Santo António Farm and in the Regada Farm, which are between 15 and 40 years old. The passion for wine was another dream come true. The conditions of excellence, combined with the existing vineyards and the desire to plant more vineyards to produce quality wines, was the natural step to take. Currently, Madre de Água has 16 hectares of vineyards, divided between their farms, with white and red, domestic and foreign grape varieties. The vineyards are planted at an altitude of 600 meters.

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  • 5,84 € 6,49 € In Stock

    With Touriga Nacional and Jaen grape varieties, created at 580 meters altitude, it is elegant, mineral, structured and fresh. The aromas are very appealing with floral touches and spice and vegetable notes. Tannins of enormous class give richness to the taste by giving it body, quality and longevity.

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  • 5,99 € In Stock

    With the Alfrocheiro and Touriga Nacional varieties giving the wine a strong salmon colour, this pink wine has an aroma that reveals red fruits and has a balanced and rich taste with good fruit and minerality showing through.

    5,99 €
  • 6,68 € In Stock

    An appealing Syrah, with purple color shrouded in violet reflections gracefully wrapped with the tannins, granting a medium body with light acidity. It invades the senses through its plum scent with a menthol touch making a nice bouquet to the nose. Typically fruity with spice notes highlighted.

    6,68 €
  • 6,72 € In Stock

    Prepared mainly with Encruzado, Bical and Gouveio grape varieties, it is fleshy and structured white wine with excellent acidity. The aromas are citrusy, with hints of lime and grapefruit. Vinified without skin contact and fermented at a controlled temperature results in a good Dão white wine showing what it’s made of.

    6,72 €
  • 6,84 € In Stock

    A good altitude red wine, very elegant, produced with the national queen variety, the Touriga Nacional. Of a floral and fruity aroma, complemented with hints of minerals and spices, also reveals the toast of French oak barrels where it is aged. It has a good presence on the palate, it is fresh, structured and persistent.

    6,84 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
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