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Já Te Disse

The specificities of Estremoz, a land of unique characteristics, where the best of Alentejo meets in harmony, are reflected in the singularity of the brand JÁ TE DISSE.

Já Te Disse

Where it is born
Natural of Santarém, the grandfather of Pedro Patrício and his brother Rui was passionate about the countryside and liked to hunt, making himself accompanied by the dogs he had throughout his life, among them a daring start ear. When, a few decades ago, he first appeared at home with the dog, Grandfather Ramiro asked Peter's mother and Rui what he should give him, to which she answered with a naughty look: "I told you."

And so he stayed. He already told you for many years, not letting anyone indifferent, to the point of frequently friends and colleagues ask his grandfather as his faithful companion, was called. "I told you," he replied, often, without hiding the affection he had for that dog and the smile of pleasure that the situation provoked him. "But you said what?"

The affections, the taste for the field, the good disposition, simplicity, genuineness; All this already told you represents and brings to the memory of Pedro Patrício and his brother Rui. "But you said what?" Everything, everything is said. I told you.

To meet a perfect terroir
The specificities of Estremoz, a land of unique characteristics, where the best of Alentejo meets in harmony, are reflected in the singularity of the brand JÁ TE DISSE.

This is a region endowed with a splendid terroir with a different microclimate than the rest of Alentejo. Combining the excellent conditions of Estremoz, to the hill where the vineyard was planted, with excellent sun exposure and mixed soil they found the symbiosis needed to make authentic products.

The vineyard
A 1 hectare square of vineyard with 36 rows is enough to produce a limited-edition wine of impeccable quality.

The grape varieties
Já te Disse reflects the typicality of 3 grape varieties of exclusive, limited-production wine, with the potential to become a rare wine, with the Alentejo soil of Estremoz having the ideal characteristics for its cultivation.

Alicante Bouschet
Origin: Languedoc
Grape/Wine: Intense colour, red fruits and vigorous tannins. It became established in the Alentejo many years ago and give high-quality wines.

Petit Verdot 
Origin: Bordeaux – France
Grape / Wine: Red fruits, spices, menthol and violet, powerful tannins and intense colour. A less used variety in the region, it has conquered a new Iberian nationality.

Origin: Côtes du Rhône
Grape / Wine: Wild berries, menthol, pepper, truffle violet and soft tannins. It is a more flexible grape variety and can be found all over the world.

The winemaker
Winemaker Joachim Roque is the specialist responsible for the production of JÁ TE DISSE wine. With a degree in Viti-Oeno in Bordeaux, France, and with various international experiences (Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhone, Napa Valley, Alentejo, among others), he has an experienced team. His production assistant Ana Paulino stands out. From day one, Joachim Roque understood what differentiated JÁ TE DISSE from other wines. He believed in the risky of this special project, and helped to transform this small vineyard into a success story, particularly concerning the always very controlled production of a premium wine with unique characteristics.

A label with Siza Vieira's signature
Álvaro Siza Vieira is a great storyteller. Unique stories that are revealed in all his national and international projects, making him the most awarded Portuguese architect ever.

But Siza Vieira's art also extends to drawing, having produced the two drawings for the Patrício family that Pedro decided to immortalise on the labels of the wine JÁ TE DISSE.

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  • 25,00 € In Stock

    Medium intensity lemon colour, the nose has the characteristic aromas of the variety, tropical fruits (papaya), stone fruits (peach and nectarine), floral touch and honey. In the mouth is unctuous and fresh, with good acidity and aromatic expression and a greedy finish.

    25,00 €
    Online Only
  • 50,00 € In Stock

    Very intense ruby colour, the nose is imposing and very complex, with aromas of ripe black fruit, cocoa, hints of spices and slight balsamic. In the mouth it is powerful, the oak is very well integrated, with creaminess and harmony, fine but firm tannins, well worked acidity and an extremely long finish.

    50,00 €
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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