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The grapes that give rise to their wines come from different parcels located in the Douro region, in the village of Mós, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, with an average altitude of 420 meters, rising exposure and with mostly shale soil.

Relatives and friends gather on the appointed day for the harvest and the work begins very early with the noisy arrival of the men and the utensils ... the women with the wicker baskets where the grapes will be carried on the head. The children watched radiantly and closely every minute of the harvest, picking up all the grapes that fall from the distracted hands of the older ones ... with delicious grapes and the song of the birds joined the songs sung to the torn from the bottom, to the top of the vineyard ... At dusk, the harvest and the celebrations continue in the wineries where the men unload and pack the grapes harvested in the morning ... harvested by hand by this lode “filão” of people, keeps alive the tradition of the Grixa.

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    Produced with Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional grapes varieties. His colour is vivid and deep, with complex and distinct fruit and floral aromas. The present wood is well integrated in wine, respecting the aromas and characteristics of the grapes. In the mouth is velvety, fresh and complex.  The high-level tannins confer to this wine a long finishing...

    11,50 €
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