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    Three award winning wines from Douro produced with old vineyards. Pormenor White Reserve 2015 90 points Robert Parker - Wine Advocate17 Points in Revista de Vinhos Magazine (Sep/17)17 Points in Wine Guide of Portugal 2018 - João Paulo Martins Pormenor Red 2014 87 Points Robert Parker - Wine Advocate16,5 Points in Wine Guide of Portugal 2018 - João Paulo...

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    Wooden box with 3 bottles of Chapeleiro Reserve White 2016.This is the first Chapeleiro Reserve, produced with Arinto and Loureiro best grapes. Fermented and aged in French oak barrels during 12 months. With a limited production of only 650 bottles the winemaker intends to produce an elegant, velvety and structured wine.

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    These three wines reflect the tradition and elegance of Dão. 1 x Kelman Touriga Nacional 2013 1 x Kelman Red Reserve 2013 1 x Kelman Encruzado Grand Reserve 2014

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    The sub-region of Cima Corgo, wich distinguishes itself from the others by presenting a cooler continental climate, gave origin to this single blend Touriga Nacional. The result is a more jovial, floral and fresher Touriga Nacional than generally found in the other Douro sub-regions.The Sub-region of Douro Superior, which distinguishes itself from the...

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    Three elegant and delicately aromatic, fresh organic wines with a balanced acidity, structured and with a high aging potential. 1 x Quinta da Caldeirinha Vinha Velha BIO Tinto 2013 1 x Quinta da Caldeirinha Touriga Nacional BIO 2013 1 x Quinta da Caldeirinha Cabernet Sauvignon BIO 2014   Free shipping to Mainland Portugal.

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    Our choice of red wines from Douro, that is one of the most wild and rugged regions of the national territory, carved by the valley of the river Douro and the poverty of the schist soils.Nowhere in Portugal is man's intervention in the landscape so evident, visible on the thousands of terraces scattered throughout the region, defying the gravity of the...

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    Primado wines are complex wine, with great personality and unusual longevity. Like "iron hand in velvet glove" they are full-bodied, exceptionally elegant and show surprising freshness. Primado wines preserve the prestige and tradition of Dão in all its splendor. 2 x Primado Tinto 2010 2 x Primado Rosé 2017 2 x Primado Encruzado 2017   Free shipping to...

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    Our choice of Dão red wines, a region that offers elegant wines with personality, freshness and softness. Surrounded on all sides by mountains, the Dão region is protected both from the direct influence of the continental climate, and from the chill and rains from the ocean. This is high country, rising from 200 metres above sea level at its lowest spots...

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