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    The Espargueira Selection is a blend of the best grape varieties of the year. Elegant and intense, it embodies the character of region's typical grape varieties, Aragonez, Syrah and Touriga Nacional. Intense aroma of red and black forest fruits, harmoniously combined with floral and toasted notes.

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    Limited Edition of only 933 bottles. With a bright strawberry light colour, this wine, produces with Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca grape varieties, has a thin, floral and red fruit aroma. It is fresh in mouth, with presence and some volume. To enjoy solo, as an aperitif or with a light meal. Fresh fruits and mineral notes are in perfect balance,...

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    The Espinho Camila Rose, is elaborated from a very careful and criterious selection of grapes. Most of the varieties are typical of Douro valley, namelly: Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Barroca.This salmon colour wine is very aromatic. It smells of flowers. It is a concentrated wine, frsh and intense in flavour. Its aromatic characteristic of red...

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  • 6,90 € In Stock

    Wine produced with Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Franca grape varieties. It has bright salmon color, fine aroma, with good intensity, to remember aromas of flowers and red fruits like gooseberry and cherry. In the mouth it is dry, delicately creamy with fine acidity that gives it balance and freshness. Good structure and mouth aroma to...

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    Blend of two typical grapes of Dão, Touriga Nacional and Tinta-Roriz. Where the red fruits notes blend together with floral notes. An elegant rose wine with some structure and a present taste of fruit, with a dry and persistent end.

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    Vinified with Tinta Roriz organic grapes using the fermentation off skins method with fermentation temperature control. It has a fresh and fruity flavour whith an intense red fruit aroma, particulary strawberries and raspberries. Elegant with a long-lasting aftertaste.

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    In the clay-calcareous lands of Zibreira, Quinta da Boa Esperança is tempered by the Atlantic influence and benefits from a solar exhibition of excellence. In harmony with nature, a genuine wine was created that transports us to a unique experience. Wine produced with the Castelão, Touriga Nacional and Syrah grapes, a rose wine with a slight salmon color,...

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    Rosa Maria has charisma, elegance and a special shine. This Rose wine is 100% Touriga Nacional the Queen grape variety of the wines of Portugal. A dry, mineral and refreshing wine with elegant notes of red fruits.

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    This wine expresses in its essence the freshness and minerality characteristic of the wines of this region, as well as the main characteristics of the Touriga Nacional vinified in rosé as sparkling base, both in the aroma as in the mouth. It has an open pink color with orange tones, mineral on the nose with notes of white flesh fruit and quince. Elegant,...

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    Typical grapes from Douro Region, Tinta Roriz, Rufete, Touriga Franca and Tinta Barroca, from old vineyards aged over 50 years. Clean and light red in color. Produced to drink by itself but specially good for food. On the nose, you may find good mineralty and freshness with red fruit, strawberrys and cherry with a light touch of the wood. On the palate, a...

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    The vineyards are situated in a valley ten kilometers from the Atlantic coast. Thanks to the alternation between the heat of the day and the freshness of the night, the maturation of the grapes is more prolonged and its aromas preserved. This Rose from Aragonés translates the passion for wine and the desire to create different and elegant wines.This rosé...

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    Produced with grapes from Quinta da Marcela, from a vineyard called Botas, this rosé is a toast to the freshness of the Touriga Nacional fromaltitude, from the renowned Vale Mendiz region. Lychee colored wine. Fresh aromas and red fruit with floral notes. Dry, fruity and elegant in the mouth with pleasant persistence.

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    In the middle of the Atlantic, on the base of the volcanic mountain, the Volcanic Series are wines of pure volcanic terroir. These infertile, rocky soils, defy the definition of usable soil. On the waterfront, planted on the “mother rock”, where nothing else would grow, grapes ripen as much as the brave Azorean climate allows. Drawing this fresh, elegant...

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    Wine produced with the Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen grape varieties, after fermentation, remained in fine sludge during the winter. The wine is bright and clear. The intense pink color results from obtaining the must by bleeding after contact with the films. In the fruit aromas of intense pulp resulting from the slow fermentation it...

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    Rosé wine produced exclusively with Touriga Nacional grapes from a 0.91 hectare vineyard, located at Quinta do Porto Nogueira, in the Lisbon region. The hillside and terraced vineyard is cultivated using sustainable practices and production is certified by the Integrated Production Standards. Part of the batch was fermented in 500 liter French oak barrels...

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    In this wine the producer partially concentrated all the grape entrance, respecting the well-defined natural acidity, a rose for the table, with an evolutionary and gastronomic character.Based on the open tap (BICA) of all the harvest, it was in the aged that teh producer find the differentiating point for a this roso. Gastronomic and evolutionary, it...

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    After a after judicious control of maturation and selection of bunches at thevineyard and winery this rose wine, was vinified by the traditional method of open-spout, fermented with indigenous yeasts at controlled temperature in order to collect and preserve all the noble characteristics of the grapes Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz. The aging of 6...

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    From the encounter between tradition and innovation, this unique wine, harvested from century-old vineyards of standing to 750m of altitude, is made with grapes of 20 different grapes. This rosé different from the usual ones, it has pink color and complex aromas. In the mouth, it feels a slight sweetness in the beginning that fades giving place to softer...

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  • 62,90 € In Stock

    In Portugal you can find rose wines of excellent quality, from the simplest, perfect for a summer afternoon, to the most complex, which harmonize very well with the most robust dishes of our gastronomy, in this selection of six wines you can discover rose with various styles and forms of winemaking. 1 x Monte da Bica Rose 20171 x Herdade do Cebolal Rose...

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