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Monte da Carochinha is located in the coastline of the Serra do Cercal, overlooking to the natural park of the Alentejo and the southwest of Costa Vicentina. The Vineyard has an Atlantic influence, creating a deep and fresh wine made with the grapes of two varieties: Arinto and Encruzado.

It's in the little “Carochinha” village that this story unfolds. It is born the wine that recreates this Portuguese children's tale and gives it freshness and personality. Monte da Carochinha is located next to the “Sonega” town in Serra do Cercal overlooking to the natural park of the southwest Alentejo and the Vicentina coast .  The vineyards, installed in poor shale soils, are surrounded by forests. The strong Atlantic influences combined with Serra do Cercal microclimate mark the profile of these wines. Monte da Carochinha comes from the dream of reviving childhood memories of Alentejo and create a deep wine with the freshness of the Atlantic breeze.

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