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    The finest Alvarinho grapes are produced on the coveted sun-soaked slopes of the left bank of the river Minho. The wines from these select grapes have a distinct personality which can only be achieved in the unique terroir of this region. Citrine of colour, with light tones of yellow and revealing a complex aroma showing notes of Peach and Apricot with...

    10,80 €
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    This wine is the result of a rigorous selection of the best grapes Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and Tinta Barroca, exclusively from Old Vines, manually harvested and vinified in small granite mills, using the traditional foot treading technique, after winemaking, it was aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. It has ruby red color,...

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    The creation of this wine required extreme dedication, patience and constant observation by the oenologist Helena. Thorough monitoring of the conditions of the grapes in the vineyard and the entire process of winemaking and aging was essential to achieve the desired objective.Wine produced with the Alicante Bouschet and Trincadeira from Old Vines, the...

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    “Is it Verdelho Verdelho or Verdelho Gouveio?”, the answer might well be “it is Verdelho Verdejo”. Confused? You should be. Many people believe that they have tasted Verdelho, but few have. Gouveio (aka Godello) was for several years wrongly identified has Verdelho generating this huge confusion. Verdelho, Gouveio and Verdejo are 3 distinct grape...

    23,90 €
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    Cossart Gordon's Colheita 2005 is a single harvest wine. Like other Madeiras, the wine undergoes a unique aging process (the ‘canteiro’ method); whereby the wine is caskaged using the natural heat of the island. Over time, the casks are moved from the warmer upper floors of the lodge, to the lower cooler floors where it completes its ageing development....

    42,90 €
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